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Developer Verified Presets BetterTouchTool presets can contain scripts and other potentially harmful things. This is why you should only import BetterTouchTool settings from trusted sources. All user submissions that have been moved to this category have been manually checked by the developer of BetterTouchTool and were classified as "trusted & secure" by him. The verification is done on a "best effort basis", there is no guarantee nothing was overlooked. AquaTouch Welcome to the AquaTouch Section! Here you can find all things related to AquaTouch. GoldenChaos Everything related to the @GoldenChaos preset
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About the Setup/Preset Sharing category 1 May 16, 2018
Important Security Notice

BetterTouchTool presets can contain scripts and other potentially malicious settings. Please only import presets if you know what you are doing and if you trust the user who submitted them. Have a look at the "Developer…

2 May 16, 2018
⏫ v3.5.6 (28 Feb) -- AquaTouch -- Supports 40+ Apps, Websites, AND the Native TouchBar!

How would you rate this preset? Shoot me a rating out of 5! poll :bookmark: Support Me with a BTT License! When you buy a BTT License through this affiliate link, I’ll get 40%! ABOUT Intuitively…

728 February 28, 2020
GoldenChaos-BTT Support and Feedback Thread

Welcome to the GoldenChaos-BTT support and feedback thread! You're looking nice today. How to use this thread and the GC-BTT subform: If you have a small or non-specific issue, or just want to say thanks, post in here! …

1841 February 28, 2020
⏫ v3.5.6 (28 Feb) -- AquaTouch -- Updates and Downloads Thread (no comments, updates only) 10 February 28, 2020
Touch & Slide buttons for brightness & volume. 6 February 25, 2020
Toggle Do Not Disturb 10 February 25, 2020
Toggle between two Audio Output Sources (Airplay Speakers) 1 February 25, 2020
Time Machine Backup Tool - Preset 9 February 24, 2020
Simple Window Manager - SWM 29 February 23, 2020
Disable software escape key on 16" MBP 13 February 22, 2020
AirPods battery do not display in connectivity group 4 February 22, 2020
How Can I add a mute button on the touch bar 2 February 22, 2020
Simply: A modest touch bar preset 4 February 20, 2020
macOS Control Center - MCC 93 February 21, 2020
I thought I'd share my current design 10 February 21, 2020
GoldenChaos-BTT: The complete Touch Bar UI replacement

I love the Touch Bar. That's why I was so upset that Apple just sat on its useless user interface. So, inspired by Vas3k's popular blog post on the subject, and determined to make good on the promise that Apple brok…

115 February 20, 2020
GC preset: latest release does not display iMessage & WeChat notifications 3 February 20, 2020
[Fixed in 3.335] "UI element __ of 1 application process..." message on app icon 4 February 19, 2020
Sibelius TouchBar Preset 16 February 18, 2020
BusyCal as a Calendar app option? 3 February 18, 2020
Magic Mouse - Pinch in / Pinch out gesture for zoom in or zoom out 2 February 18, 2020
My minimalistic Touch Bar (tips are welcome!) 13 February 15, 2020
Lightroom Library/Develop module 8 February 15, 2020
Compact AirPods widget with User-Friendly Setup 131 February 14, 2020
Sctipts and Battery Consumption 5 February 11, 2020
Spotify – Touch Bar Preset [Update] 1 December 10, 2019
[v1.0.2] Touch Bar Done Right! 19 February 8, 2020
Possible to keep 'Media Controls' visible at all times with 'goldenchaos' preset? 4 February 8, 2020
GoldenChaos failing to import on BTT 3.230 9 February 8, 2020
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