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GoldenChaos Everything related to the <a class="mention" href="/u/goldenchaos">@GoldenChaos</a> preset Developer Verified Presets BetterTouchTool presets can contain scripts and other potentially harmful things. This is why you should only import BetterTouchTool settings from trusted sources. All user submissions that have been moved to this category have been manually checked by the developer of BetterTouchTool and were classified as "trusted &amp; secure" by him. The verification is done on a "best effort basis", there is no guarantee nothing was overlooked.
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BetterTouchTool presets can contain scripts and other potentially malicious settings. Please only import presets if you know what you are doing and if you trust the user who submitted them. Have a look at the "Developer…

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GoldenChaos-BTT Support & Feedback Thread! Now with 99.9% less release info. How to use this support thread and the GC-BTT subform: If you have a small or non-specific issue, or just want to say thanks, post in here! T…

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I love the Touch Bar. That's why I was so upset that Apple just sat on its useless user interface. So, inspired by Vas3k's popular blog post on the subject, and determined to make good on the promise that Apple brok…

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