About the Setup/Preset Sharing category


This category is used to share settings, tips & presets for BetterTouchTool.

This is a work in progress. I will soon integrate some services that make it easier to share BetterTouchTool presets on this platform. They are not yet ready because I ditched my custom platform solution and decided to use the Discourse open source forum software instead. This is probably more secure than my own solution and more reliable.

For now you can just attach the JSON (or GZ) of your preset export to any post.

Feel free to post in any format you want. I recommend to include some pictures and instructions. You can also link to external pages if that's easier for you!

Currently if you want to include links to directly import presets into BTT, they must look like this:
btt://jsonimport/<Base64EncodedJSON>. To base64 encode you can use online services like https://www.base64decode.org/ or you can use the macOS terminal like this: base64 -i ~/Desktop/TheFileYouWantToBase64.json

If you want to share specific triggers you set up in BetterTouchTool, you can just press cmd+c in BetterTouchTool, which will copy the JSON for the selected trigger to your clipboard. If you want to share all triggers for a specific application, you can click the application on the left side in BTT and then press cmd+c.