BTT Floating Menu running on a touchmonitor

I thought this to be a fun project to share: I'm controlling Logic Pro with a BTT Floating Menu running on a Viewsonic TD1655 touchmonitor. The Viewsonic software is not flawless but I'm working with them to get it fixed

really cool!

Wow cool !
I have a "similar" setup for Ableton Live: BTT and a Stream Deck mobile app running on an 10" iPad mini... tons of buttons/pages to easily load instruments/effects and doing a lot of basic boring stuff (set track colors/standard track names etc). and no need to remember all those shortcuts in Live anymore...

One of the bigger issue was to 'detect' the state of Live e.g. whether the deck is playing or stopped for example so that the play button icon (screen 1) can be changed to reflect this.

Your configuration is much "nicer" (on bigger screen and flexibler layout/colors/text bars ect with BTT's Floating menu).



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the floating menu‘s will soon work 1:1 on the new BTT Remote app, I can imagine cool setups like this on the iPad!


Cool Max! Great to have aal those functions under buttons for DAW's in general. I was looking into the Streamdeck app too, but found the cost too high (if I remember correctly, it's a monthly fee in case you want to use more than 8 buttons?)

Wow, that would be awesome. When using Apple hardware for Floating Menus, we would be able to benefit from both better quality of the display and better integration with Mac OS.

I can send you an invite to the beta soon. It’d be very interesting to see whether everything in your complex setup works as expected on the iPad

I am looking forward to it and try the new BTT remote ...

The solution via Stream deck mobile works, but it is not ideal:

  • as sometimes the BTT/Stream deck connection is lost and BTT need to (auto) reconnect to Stream deck on the Mac.

  • the Stream deck mobile app is a paid abo (yearly 27€), which I want to avoid going forward...

anyway I expect to have major benefits to transition from Stream deck to Floating Menus.

:+1: the new BTT Remote will continue to be a free companion app to BTT

After display sleep, the Floating Menu shows up properly on my touchmonitor, but I must always press its menu bar several times in order to wake it up.

Is there a command that I can use instead? I have tried 'Show Floating Menu' but that doesn't make it active