Mouse Window Menu (MWM) - Window Management via Floating Menu


Here is a simple Window Management tool that I made that utilizes the new Foating Menus. It pops up at your mouse's current location when you hold CTRL, so it is always easily accessible -- no matter how big your screen / window is.

I also made some of the icons for a nice and clean uniform look:

:warning: Please use build 4.215 (2436) or later (currently an alpha build) :warning:

Latest Build: v10
MouseWindowMenu_v10.bttpreset (2.8 MB)

How to use:

  • Hold CTRL for the menu to pop up at the mouse location
  • You can click or let go of CTRL and the action will be triggered
  • While holding CTRL you can also press I, J, K, and L to go up, left, down, and right respectively (like WASD for the right hand) and then let go of CTRL to action the item.

If you enjoy this preset or any of my others - please consider donating: PayPal.Me

And always - thanks for checking out my preset! :blush:


Change Log:
v10 MouseWindowMenu_v10.bttpreset (2.8 MB)

  • Added a new Conditional Activation Group (CAG) called MWMVisibilityConditions. Whenever this CAG is true MWM will be visible (i.e., usable). This is a more advance feature but powerful. You can use this to only show MWM in certain apps like Notes or Finder (or any condition).
  • Added more notes on items for better understandability.
  • Rerecorded the demo video for version 10 (see above :sunglasses:).

v9 MouseWindowMenu_v9.bttpreset (2.7 MB)

  • Added logic to only restore the mouse position if the keyboard was used.
  • Renamed the Conditional Activation Group (CAG) to be isMWMVisible.
  • Added a sweet icon to the CAG .

v8 MouseWindowMenu_v8.bttpreset (2.7 MB)

  • Remapped keys from J, H, K, L to I, J, K, L to go up, left, down, and right respectively. This feels more natural and is like WASD for the right hand.
  • Added the ability to restore the mouse cursor location when the menu disappears. This is really helpful for when you use the keys to navigate the menu.

v7 MouseWindowMenu_v7.bttpreset (2.7 MB)

  • Fixed Move Left and Right to move the window to the left edge and right edge instead of the corners.

v6 MouseWindowMenu_v6.bttpreset (2.7 MB

  • Initial Build

Very nice, works great! Can I put it on ?

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Thanks @Andreas_Hegenberg! And of course - that would be an honor


great tool !

How can I restrict the activation of MWM only to a few apps?

I have tested it with Finder (only open it when Finder is active) but somehow it does not work as it comes up in BetterTouchTool...(see screens)
Any idea what could be the problem?


Hey Christian! Thanks for checking out my preset :blush:

I just tried testing this out as well and I am running into the same issue. @Andreas_Hegenberg do you think this is a bug?

Hey @Max_Megalon I figured out a work around! You can use a Conditional Activation Groups (CAG). I made a CAG called MWMWhiteList where whenever that CAG is true MWM is visible (i.e., useable), otherwise it is not. And that works really well.

Here is a demo:

MouseWindowMenu_v9_with_whitelist.bttpreset (2.8 MB)

Edit: I tweaked and cleaned this up and made it v10 :slight_smile:

Edit2: I also created a new v10 overview demo and posted it in the OP.

I wonder why it doesn't follow my mouse most of the time:(

make sure to use the most current alpha version of BTT


Thanks now it working

Hey @ArcLover! Thanks for checking out the preset :blush:

I have updated the OP to call out that

build 4.215 (2436) or later (currently an alpha build)

is recommended

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Thank you for the great preset!
I wonder If I will be able to find icons that can be closer together like in mosaic:

and also be able to resize the window under the cursor instead of focused one?

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Closer together ... do you mean what you see in the top row?

No I mean grouping related resizes together for example:
1/2 left and 1/2 right can be next to each other in one window and hovering each one will highlight the one that will activate (like in the image I sent)

Thanks !
Works fine for me...

Here is a small example on how you can open this menu when holding the right-mouse button for a bit. (Short right click, still triggers the default right click):

MouseWindowMenuWithRightClick.bttpreset (2.7 MB)

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I assume we mean the same thing. :slightly_smiling_face: You can position two icons so close to each other that they look like one. And then highlight/hovering one or the other.

Hey @Andreas_Hegenberg this is really awesome - I like it a lot!

I'm glad you are enjoying the preset! :slight_smile:

If you find those icons I can try taking a stab at it cause it should just be UI changes.

and also be able to resize the window under the cursor instead of focused one?
I'm not sure on this one. I know there is this setting and if you change it to Window under cursor

but on my build of BTT (4.215) it changes the size of the Floating Menu and not the window under the cursor :confused:

Edit: the latest stable build ( 4.223) seems to always do the Focused Window regardless if Window under cursor is checked

Sorry for the delay I love the preset.
I will try to add move window to another monitor and quarter screen split when I get off this f*** exams season.

about the icons I realized I can just use rectangles spaced next to each other to indicate the type of split so I think this will be the best solution

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I managed to get this menu also to open, when I click a green button of any Window.
Is it possible to close the Floating Window, if the mouse leaves it?