Picture-in-picture Global Keyboard Shortcut

I missed the functionality to globally toggle picture-in-picture directly from the keyboard.
So I created an applescript to toggle opening and closing.
Currently supported Applications: Safari, IINA
Shortcut: cmd โŒ˜ + ctrl ห„ + P

:link: Download Preset
:link: Applescript

Make sure "Developer > Allow JavaScript from Apple Events" is enabled in Safari

just an fyi โ€“ โŒ˜ + ` is actually the way to switch Safari window, so it wouldnt be good if someone was trying to switch window and accidentally triggers picture in picture

Oh, good you mention โŒ˜ + `. Yes, it's the default to switch between windows of the same application Move focus to next window. Changed it to โŒ˜ + ยง which it should've been in the first place. Karabiner Elements seem to have a bug here. (I use an UK Layout)

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