Simple Window Manager - SWM


Catalina window options inspired window manager with more features.

I tried to stick original macOS design language as much as possible. Floating view and icons designed from scratch.


Window... Maximize, Restore, Hide Other Windows, Application Expose

Halfs... Left, Right, Top, Bottom

Quarters... Left Top, Left Bottom, Right Top, Right Bottom

Thirds... Left, Left Two, Middle, Right Two, Right

Others... Center, Move to Left Space, Move to Right Space, Move to Next Monitor, Take a Screenshot of Window

Doubleclick titlebar to maximize window


Right click Green button or fn+W keyboard shortcut


-Moving between spaces feature useless when no extra space existed. Need to automate "create a space and move window to new one" with applescript if possible

-Menu triangle for more native look


-Not working on fullscreen windows

-Not working on BTT window

-Couldn't use native title attribute in html. its visible normal on browser but not showing correct in floating view. i tried to fix with z-index but cant get a result. so i decided to use a custom hover title


Uninstall previous version and add SWM to BTT

Simple Window Manager - SWM.bttcompressedpresetbundle (16.3 KB)

This looks awesome! Can’t wait to give it a shot :smile:

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Very cool!
I’m currently preparing a new preset bundle format, which will be able to include icons / files. This will make a one click install of this possible - I’ll post instructions when the next alpha has been released.


Thx, great to hear from you :wink: Any plan for global scale setting for floating view? This would be great

What exactly do you mean by that? Something like the zoom in/out that's supported by browsers?

actually yes, didnt tested yet but floating views pixel based, so they should look so small on high dpi screens, need a ratio/scale setting for this. maybe it can be automated by BTT

This is handled by macOS just like on normal webpages or apps. (on retina screens 4 px are combined to just 1px, so it will look sharper but have the same physical size as on non-retina screens).

Didnt know that thanks for info

There is one thing though: graphics you create for a non-hi-dpi screen will look blurry on a retina screen. Basically to have sharp images you'd just use double the resolution to make them look sharp on retina (e.g. a 30px * 30px icon for non-retina screens should be saved as 60px*60px to look sharp on retina screens, even though the actual display size will just be 30*30. It is also possible to provide different images for different screens using css. (Alternatively vector graphics like svg will always look good)

I did done same thing as you said, my icons are 40x28 and i use 20x14 in html, i did icons as vector but i guess pixel images more resource friendly

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Thanks it is really cool

PS: The path for the screenshot is hardcoded to your home :wink:

@yuuiko maybe you could be interested in!

i changed with ~/Desktop instead of my username i hope thats fixed now. Updated preset in first post

I can't seem to get to work. The triggers show up in BTT's configuration and work but the SWM window's icons are blank.

I can't move the icon folder too Macintosh HD due to Catalina' s new restrictions. I tried putting it in my /User folder to no effect.


You can put the folder where ever you want, just modify the image source in the HTML in the action to point at it. for example, I put mine in my user dev folder:
file:///Users/[your user name]/dev/swmicons/SWM_MC.png

The image url's are near the end of the of the HTML

Super cool preset btw!

Does this only work in catalina or can it work in mavericks too?

@lynx it should work every macos that have latest BTT

@akiersky thanks for guide

@jlc1978 just follow akiersky's suggestion. i'm waiting next release of BTT. you don't have to install icons on that. I guess icons will be install with preset file

Opened the preset in text editor but could not find a line with a path, other than for the screen capture save location. There was a bunch of random text in the middle after the line:

"BTTFileContent" :

Posted a new version with keyboard shortcut fn+W, shortcut menu will popup with animation
also added new instructions for installation

@jlc1978 please re download files and follow new instructions on first post

I have converted your window manager to one of the new preset bundles. This means it should work right after importing this preset, no need to copy files:

SIMPLE_WINDOW_MANAGER_b.bttcompressedpresetbundle (16.2 KB)

Requires BTT v3.250!

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