macOS Control Center - MCC

Control macOS from one place.

     Please Read all features and important notes.

Date & Time

  • Clicking on Date & Time opens Calendar in year view
  • Change clock / date format from settings pane

Media Controls

  • Media Controls ( via macOS, if you want to control popular streaming services with media controls, i recommend Beardedspice App Link. It can control almost all popular services )

  • Play / Pause ( Right click will Launch / Quit Beardedspice App if installed)

  • Artist / Track Title Control Center recognises artist and title in browsers and apps
    Currently supported apps; Supports all apps that supported by Better Touch Tool
    Currently supported web services; Youtube - Soundcloud - Spotify web - Deezer - Bandcamp

  • Raise Playing App Clicking on Artist / Track Title opens playing app / browser tab with an applescript written by me for macOS Control Center. Script can work without Beardedspice and will disable itself if Beardedspice running. Set Raise active player shortcut to CMD+F6 if you planing to use Beardedspice

  • Menubar Media Controls Control media playing app without activating Control Center.
    Play / Pause - 3 Finger Tap (Over Menubar)
    Next - 2 Finger Swipe Right (Over Menubar)
    Previous - 2 Finger Swipe Left (Over Menubar)
    Raise Playing App - 4 Finger Tap (Over Menubar)
    Normal Mouse
    Play / Pause - Middle Click (Over Menubar)
    Next - Scroll Right (Over Menubar)
    Previous - Scroll Left (Over Menubar)
    Raise Playing App - CMD + Middle Click (Over Menubar)
    Enable or disable them from Control Center Settings Pane. Customize them from BetterTouchTool


N_FLIGHT Airplane mode toggle ( Disables Wireless & Bluetooth )

N_AIRDROP Send with Airdrop ( Right click opens Airdrop folder )

N_WIRELESS Wireless Toggle ( Right click opens Network Settings pane )

N_BLUETOOTH Bluetooth Toggle ( Right click opens Bluetooth Settings pane )

Toggle & Launcher Buttons

BATTERY Battery Saver Mode

     This mode will give an extra %20-30 battery time. It activates when you click Battery text

  • Disables intel turbo boost to reduce CPU power consumption via TurboBoostSwitcher App Link
  • Disables dynamic gpu switching. Its forcing macOS to use internal graphics card to reduce GPU power consumption via gSwitch App Link
  • Turns off bluetooth
  • Reduces screen brightness to 25%
  • Dims keyboard brightness

     Click Boost text for reverse process. It will quit TurboBoostSwitcher and gSwitch apps,
     Turns on bluetooth, increases screen brightness to 50%, increases keyboard brightness to 25%

MIRROR Display Mirroring Toggle ( Right click opens Display Settings pane )

MONITOR Monitor Apps Launcher

     This button will Launch / Quit;

  • HazeOver App Link
    Highly recommended app if you use a 27+ inch screen. It dims other windows. Better for your eyes
  • NativeBrightnessControl App Link
    It can change brightness level of external monitors

     Please customise applescript in BTT if you use other apps

SCRECT Screenshot with Rectangle Mode

SCRECORD Screen Recorder

ASLEEP Sleep Disabler App Launcher

     This button will Launch / Quit;

  • AntiSleep App Link
    I prefer this one because it supports to disabling lid sleep. Didn't tested last release of Amphetamine yet

     Please customise applescript in BTT if you use other apps

BTT_TOGGLE BTT preset Toggle ( You should select which preset to toggle otherwise it just restarts BTT)

MACSFAN Fan Speed App Launcher

     This button will Launch / Quit;

  • Macs Fan Control App Link

     Give your macbook a breath on heavy processes . High temperatures not good for any electronics

     Please customise applescript in BTT if you use other apps

SCROLL Mouse/Scroll Apps Launcher

     This button will Launch / Quit;

     This app adds a smooth scroll effect for non apple mouse

     Please customise applescript in BTT if you use other apps

DARKM Dark Mode Toggle

NSHIFT Night Shift Toggle ( Right click opens Nightshift Settings pane )


S_VOLUME Brightness Slider

S_BRIGHTNESS Volume Slider ( Right click Mutes audio )

Function Buttons

BT_COPY_TO Copy Files to Choosed Folder

BT_MOVE_TO Move Files to Choosed Folder

BT_ALIAS_TO Make Alias to Choosed Folder

BT_ALIAS_PRE Make Alias to Predefined Folder ( default path is desktop, edit applescript in trigger)

BT_TEXT Create Text File on Selected Folder

BT_USER1 User Defined Script 1 (Put your Amazing script )

BT_USER2 User Defined Script 2 (Put your Gorgeous script )

BT_USER3 User Defined Script 3 (Put your Wonderful script )

BT_APPLE Apple Logo

  • Normal click on Apple logo opens a menu for HV_SLEEP Sleep HV_LOGOFF Log Off HV_RESTART Restart HV_SHUTDOWN Shutdown
  • Right click on Apple logo opens settings pane for Control Center

How to Activate

  • Double click on menubar

  • fn+1 keyboard shortcut

Settings Pane

Customize Control Center according to your needs


  • Pick one or more way to activate Control Center. with mouse or keyboard shortcut

  • Date & Time : Change Clock / Date format

  • Appearance settings. Choose your favorite color palette for Control Center

  • Transparency settings. Enable or Disable background blur

Now Playing

  • Enable or Disable Media Controls

Right click on Apple logo opens settings pane for Control Center

Many features is still work in progress

Important Notes 🚨

  • Its only tested on macbook pro with toucbar. Please post any quirks here

  • You dont have to install Beardedspice. Media Controls will work without Beardedspice for iTunes or other tasks that macOS can

  • App Launcher buttons will work in both ways. It will quit apps if already running or it will launch app if its not running.

  • Change predefined apps for App Launchers for your needs. Just go btt, find trigger and replace app names in applescript

  • Airplane mode doesnt disable GPS module. I'm not sure is that necessary

  • Please use Move files function wisely even in finder. Dont try to move big folders with that

  • Please install external apps at your own risk

Future Plans

  • Right click on brightness slider will switch to external brightness slider

  • Slideout animation for closing floating web view window

  • Dashboard like MCC widget for desktop (with BTT Draggable window support)

  • Settings pane with Rearrangeable buttons, Customisable icons

  • Live buttons for bluetooth devices

  • Support for ethernet connections

  • Like button for itunes, apple music, spotify ...

  • Album & Album artwork support

  • Reducing needs for external apps

  • Improved support for web streaming services

  • Menubar gestures for media controls

Known Issues

  • Brightness slider showing 0 value when external monitor connected but you can change value of built in display

Download ⏬

★  Uninstall previous versions of MCC & Update Better Touch Tool to Latest before installation

Download macOS Control Center v0.4 - BTT version 3.346+

macOS-Control-Center-v0_4.bttpresetzip (263.1 KB)


  • New - added appereance settings with 5 options. Dark Grey, Light Grey, Contrast Orange, Night Lake and New Wave. Choose your favorite color palette from Control Center Settings Pane

  • New - Added transparency settings to Control Center Settings Pane. You can disable background blur now

  • New - Added menubar media controls. You can control your media from menubar with gestures.

    Enable or disable them from Control Center Settings Pane. Customize them from BetterTouchTool

  • New - added new icons to preset folder and toggle / function pages in settings.

  • Minor Changes

Download macOS Control Center v0.3 - BTT version 3.339+

macOS-Control-Center-v0_3.bttpresetzip (215.8 KB)


  • New - Control Center settings pane. Open with right clicking on Apple Logo
  • New - Enable/Disable Mouse or Keyboard activation from Control Center settings pane
  • New - Change Clock (24Hour / AMPM) and Date format from Control Center settings pane, other options disabled for now
  • New - Added more guides for new users in applescripts
  • Moved these triggers to html ( Sleep, Logout, Restart, Shutdown, get network status ). Your BTT trigger list cleaner now
  • Updated BTT call functions to new format
  • Fixed Shutdown function
  • Fixed Crash on start
  • Improved speed of reading values on start
  • Minor changes

Download macOS Control Center v0.2 - BTT version 3.335+

macOS-Control-Center-v0_2.bttpresetzip (94.9 KB)


  • Wrote an applescript for raise currently playing app, working much better than beardedspice, it can raise audio playing tab in safari (even asks if multiple tabs playing audio) also it can raise any app that playing music that supports by BTT. Script disables itself if beardedspice running, so you can contuniue to use beardedspice.

  • Improved support for Artist & Song info and increased efficiency

  • Added support for web streaming services ; Bandcamp, Deezer, Soundcloud (improved)

  • Now playing functions changed to async as Andreas suggested. Now playing info changes instantly now

  • Power Saver feature enables/disables faster

  • Added some guides to applescripts for users (ex. MCC display a dialog if share icon is not on finder toolbar. "Add share button to finder toolbar for send with airdrop feature")

  • Added ScaleIn/ScaleOut animation for keyboard shortcut (fn+1)

  • Fixed some animation problems opening/closing floating window

  • Correct positioning on different resolutions

  • minor changes

Download macOS Control Center v0.1 - BTT version 3.298+

MacOS-Control-Center-v0_1.bttcompressedpresetbundle (63.5 KB)

  • First release with many great features

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Other Presets from Me

Simple Window Manager - SWM


holy crap this is amazing. can't wait

This looks really amazing, and is exactly what I had in mind when I added the floating HTML/Webview action a year ago - but I'm not good enough at design stuff to create something like this myself :grinning:

I'm currently working on exposing more of the internal BTT APIs to the floating webview, so things like changing screen brightness or volume can be done using such a slider.
If you need any help or encounter things that you would need from BTT, please let me know.

Actually im planing ask you for btt api, because i installed this for brightness and fans started running like jet :slight_smile: i will upload bundle tomorrow, all functions working but too much cpu usage atm

The latest alpha adds two new variables that can be set and retrieved using get_number_variable and set_number_variable methods:


perfect timing :slight_smile:

MacOS Control Center - MCC.bttcompressedpresetbundle (54.1 KB)

(For who planing to install this, Its only for test purposes don't install for daily use)

I will try them tomorrow i hope they will work better,

also i try new btt trigger links but didnt worked in mcc

<bt href="bttweb://trigger_named/?trigger_name=mccprev"><img id=back src="presetfile://MCC/MCT_B.png" width="56" height="38" draggable="false"><bt>

what im doin wrong

I will test tomorrow, going to sleep now!

About the bttweb links: what is a bt tag? I think href is only supported on tags, or am I wrong?

<a          class=bt
><img       id=back 
            src="presetfile://MCC/MCT_B.png" width="56" height="38" draggable="false">

i tried like this but, link is working now but its closing floating window even without closeFloatingHTMLMenu: 1

ah that’s probably a bug, I’ll have a look!

I tried with


but same result

Should be fixed in the new alpha I think!

thanks Andreas preset working great, sliders are much more smooth now, i will share new preset after some cleanup

any way to get now playing or setup external monitor brighness from btt ?

External brightness will change if you hold ctrl while moving the slider :slight_smile:

You can use this variable to see whether it's currently playing: BTTCurrentlyPlaying, but at the moment there is no way to get the name of the song. I can expose that information with the next alpha. You can also always add some Apple or Shell Script to BTT that returns the value you want to the web view.

i have a working script in mcc atm but its asking beardedspice & itunes, but i can see same title in now playing widget. im trying to use less external apps for mcc.

how it knows i press ctrl in floating view? actually im planing to change slider to external brightness when i right click on it

The brightness change actions in BTT all switch to external brightness when holding ctrl (because that's also what macOS does with the keyboard brightness button). There is however no functionality in BTT to just get the external brightness or set it manually.

If you post the latest version of your preset I can add a performant way to get the now playing info from BTT to it later today.


MacOS Control Center - MCC.bttcompressedpresetbundle (57.9 KB)

also i cant get built in brightness when external monitor connected, but didnt check what causing yet

1 Like

what is this "shared secret" it keeps telling me to input

im not sure why its asking, shared secret is a btt feature for scripting. this project still work in progress, please wait for a stable release

@Andreas_Hegenberg is that possible to add animations before closing window

i did it with onclick events

function rcbt(){
setTimeout(function(){window.location.href = "bttweb://trigger_named/?trigger_name=mccrcbt&closeFloatingHTMLMenu=1"}, 200);

a global setting would be nice, i can change all links with closeFloatingHTMLMenu but still cant add an animation to "close when clicking outside"

Unfortunately I can't change this as the "click outside" will immediately hide the window. There is no time for an animation there. It's a technical limitation with how the click outside is intercepted.

Btw.: I was quite busy the last few days, I will add the now playing support later today!

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