Beginners manual

Hi - I am new to BTT and quite lost...
Is there a "Start Here" or intro manual of what to do and where to begin ?


Well, as you can du a huge bunch of stuff with BTT, it's important for you to know more or less where you want to go and what to achieve.

Du you want to do stuff with your Touch Bar?
Do you want to accelerate several steps or tasks you do regularly through the Trackpad (feg a certain gesture -like a two finger slide starting outside the trackpad- opening your most used application, and bringing it to front every time you execute this gesture)?
Do you want to change some classic Keyboard shortcuts?

In the sharing preset section you'll find some stuff, but nearly exclusively for the Touch Bar.

Hi - I am not really sure :slight_smile:
I am all for making life easier...
I guess mainly with the touch bar and also with the pad.
I looked at the preset section and there is a wealth of scripts/ideas - thanks
I am just not sure what to do with them ? where do install them...

Well, once you downloaded a preset you can just open it by double clicking it. Or if you open the BTT window, through the Preset Button in the top right corner you find the possibility to open an existing preset.

If you already know what you want to achieve, the easiest is to create your own buttons and giving them the function you want (BTT offers a lot of them). Just start ahead and discover it, it's quite easily once you ,add the first steps :slightly_smiling_face:

If you rather look for something prepared, check out these presets:

(will get an update soon, I promise!)

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ooh that second-to-last one looks promising... :wink::wink: haha thanks for the plug caliguvara

Thanks - tried GoldenChaos and will try a "simpler" one to follow what and how to do thinks :wink::+1:

Also, maybe the video @Andreas_Hegenberg posted on YouTube showing you the UI and explaining some functions to help you to understand the Program!

Could be worth the watch!

Hi, It there a way to make my imac magic mouse 2 click sound quiet and my keyboard as well using BTT

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