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Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated Aug 5, 2019

After installing a new version, the GC-BTT settings window doesn’t seem to do anything, and the menu bar won’t expand or collapse. Why?

This happens when you have more than one GC version installed. To fix, delete (not disable) all GC versions you have installed, then install the version you want.

The settings menu uses unique IDs to find the correct buttons to change. If you install a GC version while another is already installed, the first one you installed will still be taking up the IDs that the settings menu is looking for. Which is why the menu appears not to work, and why you can only have one GC version installed at a time.

After upgrading, why didn't "Reapply All Settings" restore of all my customizations?

The most common reason why using the "Reapply All Settings" button wouldn't work is because you manually edited the widgets inside of BetterTouchTool. "Reapply All Settings" only works for customizations set through the GC-BTT settings menu, and can't tell when you've manually edited widgets inside of BTT. For this reason, unless you're technically minded, you should only customize GC-BTT through the GC-BTT settings menu.

If you do want to modify any of the widgets manually, or augment GC-BTT with your own widgets, I greatly recommend copying them into your own separate preset. That way, when you upgrade GC-BTT, your custom widgets won't get deleted!

My weather widget shows 0° and a moon. How do I fix this?

Take these steps to fix the issue:

  1. Restart BetterTouchTool.
  2. If restarting BetterTouchTool does not fix the issue, make sure that BetterTouchTool has location access in System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Location.

If neither troubleshooting step fixes the issue, then that means that BetterTouchTool has hit its Dark Sky API limit for the day and can't check the weather. The weather widget will be able to check the weather again automatically once the next day begins.

Why isn't the AirPods/Beats/Gamepad Quick Connect key working for me?

  • You must have the Bluetooth Menu enabled for these keys to work, as they rely on clicking things in that menu for you. If you don’t have the Bluetooth Menu enabled, you can enable it in System Preferences > Bluetooth.
  • Your AirPods must have the word AirPods in their name.
  • Your Beats must have the word Beats in their name.

The ability to define custom names for AirPods and Beats is coming soon! Keep an eye on upcoming experimental releases.

What controllers does the Gamepad Quick Connect key support?

The Gamepad Quick Connect key is pre-configured to look for the following types of controllers in order:

  1. Steelseries Nimbus
  2. Bluetooth devices with the word “Gamepad” in their name
  3. Bluetooth devices with the word “Controller” in their name
  4. Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons
  5. Nintendo wireless controllers (generic)

Awesome! Would be great if you'd upload it to, this would be a good test-case for the new platform as it's a very big preset :slight_smile:

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I really want to! I tried uploading the file before posting this thread, but it hangs at the "successfully uploaded" message and never actually uploads the preset. Let me know when you fix this error and I'll try again :slightly_smiling_face:

EDIT: I also tried the paste JSON option, but clicking the button to submit and check syntax seemingly does nothing :crazy_face:

EDIT2: Hey, it works now! :smile: uploaded to the site: also updated the first post with more images and links and stuff!

Ooohh boy! This looks amazing, but I really should bookmark it and come back to it in a week. I've got an exam coming up and I could definitely spend a few hours editing this to suit my needs rather than studying

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@GoldenChaos cool, I'll check the server logs later today to see what was wrong. One note: you currently can not link the direct-import because it expires after a few hours (I have removed it from your post).
The reason for this is that I always want people to see the verified state of the presets shared via the platform (I'll mark yours verified later today when I have looked at everything) and possibly other things in the future.

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Sounds good @Andreas_Hegenberg. Thanks for updating my post!

Will there be a way to update the preset in the future? I've been adding to this regularly and would love to be able to update the preset without losing the link to the preset page/verified status.

I have not yet decided on that :-/
It's a bit conflicting because updating would allow people to replace a nice preset with a malicious one without losing the verified status.

I think I'm going to allow to allow updating but it will somehow mark that the preset had been verified but has been updated since.

Will work on this in the coming days


With this would it be possible to potentially run some sort of code comparison before the update and display this to the user before they update it?

To the end user it could potentially show:
The developer has changed:

  "BTTTriggerConfig" : {
    "BTTTouchBarItemIconHeight" : 22,
    "BTTTouchBarItemIconWidth" : 22,


  "BTTTriggerConfig" : {
    "BTTTouchBarItemIconHeight" : 45,
    "BTTTouchBarItemIconWidth" : 45,

This change has not been verified by the BTT team, please make sure you understand the changes made before updating.

I have a small update with an Unread Mail widget ready if/when you're ready to test updating @Andreas_Hegenberg :slightly_smiling_face:

The button only shows up if there are unread messages. Uses Apple Mail.

(Buuuuuut if you want it now, maybe to test with: goldenchaos-btt.gz (607 KB))

EDIT: Now that the preset is verified can this thread have the tag too? :smile:

A note for those running this preset on the new 2.514 build on Mojave - there are some icon sizing issues with the control strip, and the weather widget has stopped working. If these are fixed in upcoming builds, I'll make a note of it here. I'm going to wait for a few more alpha builds before I start trying to fix things myself.

I am unable to get the play/pause button to show up on my TB while playing music. I have the previous and next versions working. If I pull up the play/pause customization options in BTT and "compile/check the script", I get this syntax error: "Expected “then”, etc. but found identifier."

I'm using the latest version (the one you posted 3 Days ago with the Unread Mail widget), however I noticed this in the previous (original) build as well.

Would it be possible to have the music widget be tapped to open up the Apple-styled scroll bar rather than open up the app (maybe tap and hold for 2 seconds to open up the app)?

But I'm really liking your UI replacement for the TB. It's clean and looks very nice. I can't wait for the updates to come through!

EDIT: Using BTT 2.513

Hmm, I suspect that it's the line at the bottom of the script about YouTube. Can you remove the following part:

else if application "YouTube" is running then
    return " "

Let me know if that fixes the issue :slight_smile:

Also, I totally dig the idea of expanded widgets, but I'm not sure if it's possible to include more advanced things like a music scrubber. Will definitely look into that. EDIT: Looks like a scrubber is on the feature to-do list, I'll add this as soon as it's functional: Scrubbing bar widget in BTT

Ended up being my mistake. I didn't have the Spotify app installed, but after installing and restarting BTT, it all works fine. I don't use Spotify, so I'll just edit that line of code out.

Looking forward to your future versions! :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for that work putting together this preset.

I have issues with reminders and spotify. If I try exit them, BTT constantly relaunches and keep them open. Is that an expected behaviour?

Yes, this is expected behavior. The preset uses AppleScripts, which require the application to be open whenever the scripts run. I've found that force quitting the app sometimes gets the app to stay closed, but not always.

I would love to find solutions that don't require having the app open all the time.

How would I define WHICH email account this is checking? My "Inbox" in Mail has two accounts. I'd like the unread count of just the one.

To add to that (and this would be amazing) - any way to know how many emails are in a respective inbox? My main account, for example, has 1 unread email, but 22 emails in total. Any way for me to display that?


EDIT: Actually - I can't stress how badly I want to be able to see these numbers at a glance. This is something I've wanted for years, but don't have the programming skills to make on my own. You'd be doing me an insanely big favour if you knew how to make this happen.


You will have here the information:

so I have it working on my setup via:

tell application "Mail"
	set myaccount to mailbox "Inbox" of account "Exchange"
	set value to the (unread count) of myaccount
end tell
return value

I will add multiple mail account prefs in a future update :slight_smile: they'll be commented out, so I'll also add extra config instructions.

Thanks for finding that script, @oliviermattelaer!

Cant seem to get this working. I get this error:

"Mail got an error: Can’t get mailbox "Inbox" of account "Main"."

I have two accounts. Both google apps accounts . One called Main, and the other called "Enquiries".

Any idea why it's not quite working?

Thanks so much for making this happen!!

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