Scrubbing bar widget in BTT

As I already ask in the old topic on GitHub, would it be possible to have a scrubbing bar while playing a video in VLC or any other player? Since the release 2.500, I am able to use the two or three fingers gestures to control the current position of the video, but that is not what I was really asking so I will add some pictures for the sake of clarity.

This is my current preset for VLC. There is more or less everything I wanted except for the scrubbing bar/progress bar while playing a video

This is what I would like to have if it is possible to implement, of course :wink::

Old GitHub topic:

Just by curiosity, did you try to use the "custom slider"?
It sounds to me that it should be able to do it.



That’s what I also thought after the explication given in the github conversation and I tried it this way. Maybe I did it wrongly but I wasn’t able to have the slider value to be refreshed and changing while the video was playing. There is only the on bttWidgetSliderMoved(sliderPercentage) that allows to do something and it is only when touched.

That's true the custom slider currently doesn't repeatedly execute the slider value script. (It could be triggered via the scripting features, but that's complicated).

I'll add a way to re-trigger the value script.

Great ! Thanks for your answer !

Hey @Andreas_Hegenberg,
is there anything new regarding this feature? I didn't see anything in the release notes, but maybe I missed it.
I was quite busy lately so I haven't look at BBT in a while. I'm sure you have been too, especially with the Mojave release but I just wanted to check what was the status.

Anyway, have a nice weekend.

Just got BTT and I was wondering about if it is possible to replace only the control strip, not the entire Touch Bar.
I generally like what the Touch Bar can do, EXCEPT for the built-in control strip. Since you can keep the control strip and BTT at the same time, can you instead keep the App Controls and BTT?


Hey @HarrisonMG,

Maybe I could advise you to start your own topic as this one is not related to the original question?
You would probably get a more adequate and faster answer than by reusing an old topic.

Im Sorry! I actually thought I was posting in the thread of the next tab in my browser.....whoops!

Hey, I wanted the same kind of slider (for iTunes/Youtube) and found a way to implement it using the custom slider widget. Maybe that will help you. You can find the preset here: Player Controls for iTunes & Youtube (including slider widget for scrolling through track)

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