5 Presets for Beginners

Hi all, I wanted to share 5 presets that I think are good for beginners to BTT. The idea is to start with presets that have high success rate, without needing a lot of tinkering with settings/sensitivity/etc. Once they become comfortable with BTT, they can then dive in to the more advanced presets we have shared in this community

I am an anesthetist, not in the tech industry, so am not a particularly tech-savvy person… so I remember feeling a little overwhelmed with the power of BTT when I first started. Hopefully this helps others similar to me.

The preset includes:

  1. 2 finger tiptap as volume control
  2. 4 finger swipe as snap to half
  3. Key sequence for text expander
  4. 4 finger tap as cmd + W
  5. Keyboard shortcut to open selected app

Beginners Presets.bttpreset (7.8 KB)

(Optional: I discuss the presets in more detail in this video)