GoldenChaos stuck at Applying Settings

GoldenChaos has been stuck at Applying settings, please wait... since last 2 hours. This happened after I updated BTT to the latest version. I also tried moving to the Alpha version but the same issue persists.

Also, do I lose all my settings of GoldenChaos when I update the BTT?

Open the GoldenChaos-BTT settings window (Command + Option + Shift + P) and click “Check Settings”, it should refresh the GC Touch Bar display and get rid of that message :slight_smile:

And nope, you don’t lose any of your GC settings when upgrading BTT or GC!

Before I got your reply, I was trying to fix the issue and, in irritation, deleted the Golden Chaos preset and reinstalled it. What I loved here is even after deleting and reinstalling GC, all my settings were added again. Wow! Only a few custom settings I had done on BTT were not added. They are easy to add. Also, in trying to fix it, learnt about the two-finger scroll to change the volume. Thank you, @GoldenChaos. Appreciate your UI and coding skills. :heart_eyes:

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