Blue ‘Computer Settings’ Floating Menu Preset :)

This is my first preset, so lmk if it works lol :upside_down_face:

:ribbon: settings floating menu.bttpreset|attachment (265.2 KB)

  1. Toggle custom time and date
  2. Toggle mic on and off, input volume set at 65 and 1
  3. Launch separate timer app — any tips on how to get this app (or any app) to be displayed in a floating menu (e.g, my time and date) or share their timer trigger where I can input 5, 7, 30 mins, etc?
  4. Toggle show/hide clipboard
  5. Launch System Settings — how can I specifically launch the Sound section?

I'm still confused on some of the following, if anyone could help explain them, as well as any other tips and tricks in general to streamline my current workflow, that would be clutch :call_me_hand:t3:

  • How does the clipboard/paste history work lol specifically what are the ‘Standard’ and ‘Type’ buttons?

  • I’m still having difficulty trying to transform Selected Text and clipboard content into Title Case. Do I transform it in the Clipboard/Pasteboard History or directly on the webpage I'm currently using?


This is cool! The blue thingy sticks to all my finder windows!