Feature Requests

Force/disable window to remain on top (1)
Sonos Widget Creation (1)
Include "specific setting for current app" option for window snapping (like BetterSnapTool) (4)
replace BTT icon with time on Touch Bar (1)
Turn iPad into a true full screen Shortcut dashboard (3)
logitech wave keyboard hack? (1)
Ability to get systems touchbar actions for application (5)
Middle click drag on Trackpad (18)
Merge several pressets into one (1)
Trigger event when app is launched (2)
New Action: "Switch to previous space" (1)
'Update' Flag for thread replies, especially for preset sharing section. Allows for 'Follow Updates' alert mode for the 'customers' (1)
Trigger different actions on multiple presses of the same shortcut (4)
Emulate two finger scroll up/down with one mouse button and movement of mouse (2)
Option for left or right-docked button groups to open in the scrollable container instead of the whole touch bar (4)
TouchBar: Swipe In from Edge Gesture (3)
Sticky left/right section or option to copy multiples widgets/buttons/scripts (2)
Can BTT provide access to the native Touch Bar icons? (4)
Export CLI (or something equivalent) (2)
Shortcut for adding a Desktop/Space (2)
Sort / Search Bluetooth LE device list (1)
Per app function key - special key switching (1)
Option to Hide Now Playing in Some Apps (1)
Move All Windows of Front App One Space/Desktop Left or Right... (1)
Consider creating a dictation action (3)
Start Online research with new text (7)
Gamepad support (1)
Option to have app switcher open app windows on tap if one is not visible or minimized (1)
Detect position of trackpad (1)
BTT Remote Rotate Action and other touch gestures (1)