Feature Requests

Touchbar animate group open/close PER group/application (1)
Sonos Widget Creation (3)
Customizable Menu Bar (1)
BTT drawing gestures versus xGestures. Please contact xGestures dev for superior implementation. ( 2 ) (21)
Combine Mouse Click with any key for shortcut (5)
Switch to the last desktop (1)
No alert after saving a screenshot (1)
Triggerable conditional activation groups (8)
Remove that annoying remote connecting sound (3)
Mouse Support Razer Synapse (1)
Force click selected text as %@ in Open URL? (2)
support for rotating magic trackpad to 'portrait' +90 / -90 orientations (4)
show trigger/source when an applescript runs with the shared_secret (1)
Automate BTT TouchBar handling of KBM Macro Palettes (4)
Safari: Always show toolbar in fullscreen (3)
Automatically enable mouse mode on Siri Remote (1)
App Switcher - Add option to reset scrolling position after click on an app (1)
Setup delay for ESC button in touchbar (2)
Three-button mouse? (1)
Execute every x seconds, longer than 100s (3)
Consider adding searchable shortcuts (4)
No touchbar at all in default state, show Control Strip with Fn (1)
Option to have scripts run while widget is hidden. (2)
Make custom slider widgets invisible if "" is returned (1)
Magic Mouse click swipes (1)
Touchbar haptic feedback on swipe (2)
Copy retina screenshot (1)
Apple Remote Desktop (3)
Siri Remote 4k - x/y scrolling via trackpad? (4)
Sync on custom location / cloud (8)