Magic Mouse TipTap (1 Finger Fix)

I have got TipTap 1 finger fix set up for left and right click. I rest my fingers on the mouse and when I click the left or right mouse button I have to take my finger off of the mouse for a little while and then click. If I click normally it doesn’t register because I do it too quick. I have changed all of the settings to have a 0 second delay but this still doesn’t work.

Can someone help or is there a way to change the advanced configurations on this?


Unfortunately I don't think the tip taps are suited for this.
The logic that requires you to lift the finger is necessary because otherwise the tiptaps would constantly trigger accidentally, e.g. when starting a two finger scroll. I have done tons of experiments with this, but couldn't find a better solution than the current.

Can you have it where it has a 0.1 second delay after detecting two fingers on the mouse so it doens't go off when you put your hand on the mouse?

I'm sure there would be ways to make that work, but I was not able to do it. It always lead to tons of false positive triggers. For your usage I'd get a different mouse.

Fair enough! yeah I will have a look at some other mouses. Thank you anyway!