Expanding upon "Find/Search Image on Screen & Move Mouse"

The action for Find/Search Image on Screen & Move Mouse...
The area for choosing Search Image on All Screens, Screens with Mouse, etc..
I would love it if we could choose not just a screen, but the current focused window.

Example... in excel, I want to create 2 actions, that click the "-" and "+" signs at the bottom of every page, using the "Search/Find Image action. But while excel will dim the application headers for unfocused windows, it doesn't dim the footers, so the app just finds the first one it can since I have multiple excel docs open. It would be great if, when triggered, that Find/Search for Image action would be restricted to only the focused window.


is this not working for you?

Otherwise, have you tried the "move mouse" action? If - and + are always in the same place in relation to the front window, this should work even better.

That option you suggested reads "Screen with Focused Window". So it's still looking at the whole screen, not just a focused window. I have a single monitor setup, so it's always going to scan the entire screen.

Those - and + are always in the bottom right of the excel windows.

As executed now, it doesn't matter which window I have focused, the triggers will jump between the two files that are open.

You are right. And what about this: "Relative to the bottom right corner of the active window"

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I think it‘s a good idea to allow limiting the search area e.g. to only the focused window.

However for the example usecase the „move mouse to position“ @Frank1 action mentioned is much more performant.

I don't know Excel very well. Is it not possible to zoom (in/out) via a menu? If so, that would probably be even easier.

Ah, that solution works, thanks for the help!

As for excel, on the mac, there are limited zoom options in the menubar, and there's no good keyboard shortcut either.