Global shortcuts search

Hey everyone!

Is it or would it be possible to search all shortcuts including those inside folders?

I have a keyboard shortcut ⌘ + F5 in the main section. Now inside a sub-folder I have a shortcut ⌃ + F5.

Now if I search for F5 in the main section, it will only find ⌘ + F5 but not ⌃ + F5. Inside the subfolder a search for F5 will only output the shortcut inside the folder.

Often times I think about adding another shortcut to a key but I first want to list all shortcuts that use the key. A global search would solve this in an instant.

I came here trying to figure out how to search at all, how do you do ANY search through your shortcuts? Wondering if it is because I don't seem to have folders, but I don't see a magnifying glass like I do in the online manual.