KeyboardCleanTool: add preference to lock trackpad, mouse buttons, + all keys except one

Please add a preference to lock the entire keyboard, and also the trackpad for laptops as well as mouse buttons if possible, except for one user-specified key which would stop cleaning mode. If the trackpad or a mouse button is pressed while cleaning it can trigger unwanted actions just like the keys. The trackpad is a universal need b/c pressing it while cleaning it often moves windows across the screen or opens apps/files, especially those located in the dock which require only a single click to open.

Currently, the modifier keys (fn, control, option, command, shift, etc.) also remain unlocked, and in my case I need to use a screensaver outputting to a projector w/out having unwanted key strokes interfere w/ the video. Your tool works great to prevent the character keys from interrupting the screensaver, but the other keys still do. There may be other uses for this as well. I realize you can’t lock all keys b/c then there’s no way to access the app again :confused:

My suggestion would be to add a preference to the effect of:

• Lock entire keyboard, trackpad, and mouse buttons except for one specified key: [ esc ]. (“Escape” is the user-selected key in this example.)


unfortunately, at the pretty high level at which KeyboardCleanTool operates, it's not possible to block modifier keys or mouse movement as far as I know.

I see – how about the trackpad though? When I clean my laptop’s trackpad I have to open a blank text edit file and expand it to full screen to prevent the presses from triggering all sorts of drag actions and creating chaos.

I think blocking clicks etc. should be possible. Just need to think about how to make that save without the possibility to lock oneself out.

Ok, cool. Would the escape key as I suggested in the feature request not work for that purpose?

no, unfortunately that would require to change a lot of code, especially if configurable (which it would need to be). I’ll think about something simpler.

Gotcha. I'm not sure if this is configurable either, but perhaps moving the pointer over the button without having to press the trackpad – since locking the trackpad should be only for pressing not for moving the cursor.

Hi, just wanted to see if you had any luck with this. Thanks