Trackpad as Numeric Keyboard

It's tax prep time, so thoughts turn to updating Quicken. I came across this: but the company when under.

Then it occurred, put a simple grid on my trackpad and use BBT to map the keys to locations on the trackpad.

BTT has mapped corners and edges for input; why not the entire trackpad and allow the trackpad to be 'gridded up' with different sized grids and assign each location a single or double-tap gesture?

This would allow not only a keypad overlay but also all kinds of interesting configurations. still has the link for their sw download - interestingly they still host the file on the live subdomain: numapp .mobeetechnology .com
Of course I don't know what's inside it and how ancient macos you need. :slight_smile:

Thanks biziclop, I downloaded it and it does not recognize my magic trackpad 2 running macOS 11.1 and ends at that point.