Make Red Button Only Quit App When Last Window Open (like MS Windows)

BTT currently has the feature to turn the red button into a “quit button.” The problem with that is, if I have multiple windows of an app open, and I click the red button, it quits all of them. What would be great, is a feature like this:
Clicking the red button would quit an app ONLY if it is the last window open. Otherwise the red button would just close the window as usual. So ultimately, you can click the red button anytime you want to close a window and on the last window it would just quit the application. Reducing the clutter of “unquit” apps in your dock. Mac would then work like Windows. Please upvote if you agree!

I have about 5 Macs that I would be willing to install BTT on if it had this feature!

I don’t believe there any apps out there that do this. BTT almost does it and it seems like a simple fix to make BTT quit only the last window. Would love this feature! Mac OS should give you this option anyway.

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The redquits app was designed to do exactly this, but it is incredibly inconsistent. Sometimes it quits the app, sometimes it doesn’t. I don’t there are any other redquits alternatives out there that can quit the app automatically when the last window is closed. That’s why it would be great if BTT added this!

Does anyone know if there has been any word on this? Was just looking at the "Quit App Under Cursor" action in BTT. We just need it to say "Quit App Under Cursor (only on last window)." If anyone can comment on this with some info I'd appreciate it.

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Can the title of the Feature be changed to say something like
"Make Red Button Only Quit App When Last Window Open (like MS Windows)"?

It might make this feature draw more votes if it is more obvious.

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