"Recently used" section sorted without grouping...

It would be nice if the new "Recently used" entries could also be sorted without the grouping... (maybe that could be configured in the settings)

I have a lot of entries and somehow the list is scrolled to the bottom, the list should always focus/scroll to the first entry when opening (or to the first entry in the group when grouping is active).

A "Clear Recently used list" could help as well ...

Thx a lot,

Would be nice, but is harder to do (the current recently used section is just a quick addition to the "All Configured Triggers" section).

However you can choose the number of recently used items to show to make it easier to view:

Thx, that will do it !

I don't know if this is only the case for me. "Recently Used Triggers" shows the following when selected

1 and 10 - only trackpad gestures

30 plus - all triggers, but scrolling the list is not possible.

If I switch to "all apps", for example, scrolling works normally again.

scolling works over here in all those three cases fine...

And you always see all triggers, even with setting 10?

No, I see only those 10 trackpad ones, same as you , those 10 are probably 10 in the first section, not 10 "recently used ones" across all sections...I would assume...

Version 4.451

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ah weird, I’ll check that!

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Actually I think the behavior is better after deleting some code :smiley:
In 4.453 the grouping is broken up and the display limits should work. (uploading now)

I'm afraid we haven't reached our goal yet. :slightly_smiling_face:

Selection 1 still only shows the last trackpad gesture, but no other trigger category. The other selections show ... I don't know exactly what. But not what they are supposed to show. At least that's how it is for me. :man_shrugging:

it‘s now sorted by last used, so the last used one should be on the very top, the second one right after that. Not true in your case?

I assume this should show the last used of each category, no?

But it only shows the last trigger used. In my case fn+b to take the screenshot.

if set to 1 it will only show the last used- not per category

if set to 10 it will show the 10 last used, over all categories (so in total 10, not 10 per category)

Ah, dann ist es ok. :slightly_smiling_face: Aber wäre nicht logischer 1 hiesse der letzte jeder Kategorie? Egal.

we getting closer...:grin:
over here happens this...
when I select 10 I get 10 items spread over only 3 groups, but when using 30 I see them (max 30) in 10 groups (some groups are now double),

so I assume when selecting 10 I would get at least 1 in each of my groups ?

there are no more groups, the headers now just signify the type of trigger (if multiple same type triggers have been executed in sequence, it will only show the type header once)

ok got it...thx again!