Action for Show/Hide Dock

I'm using ⌘⌥D now, but it doesn't always work right. A proper show/hide dock would be awesome.

Use case: I hide dock on laptop, but show when connected to display.


You can assign a shortcut in macos to show or hide the dock. Doesn't that work for you?

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a dedicated action would also just trigger that shortcut, so no real advantage of doing that.

I was hoping the action could identify if the dock was Hidden or Shown, maybe via plist.
Right now it doesn't always work as expected.

what exactly doesn’t work for you? (I have been using that system shortcut since forever and haven‘t run into any issues with it)

i'm using screen resolution to detect when i change from laptop to monitor and i can't get it to trigger the dock shortcut when plugging into monitor. tried delays, etc.

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I have exactly the same problem with a similar use-case!
In my setup, I use Conditional Activation with the resolution of my screen, but because I use my MacBook in clamshell mode and sometimes remove the cable to the monitor and wake it up after quite some time, it doesn't always register it like it is supposed to do.
How I would like it to work: when it registers the resolution of my external display, I want it to hide the dock (and if already hidden, it should stay hidden, not show it). And the other way around for when my MacBook resolution is registered.
Thanks in advance!