Pleeease add a search bar within BTT

I, like many others who actively use BTT, am a super-poweruser and have an extensive amount of triggers and customizations for most of my apps. The problem is when I want to change a specific trigger, it's almost pointless since the triggers are all over the place, even after trying to organize them within neat folders. I honestly assumed something this key and important was on the feature list before BTT went through the massive UI change update.
Please add a searchbar to quickly search within all my personal actions/triggers. For example, searching "Launch" would show all the keyboard and trackpad gestures that have the action "Launch" attached.
Also maybe a way to add custom names to each trigger as a dedicated column

Not sure if I am supposed to reply when I am simply in support. I REALLY ned a way to search my shortcuts. Oddly, when I looked at the manual, I see a magnifying glass for search, but I don't have on on my version of BTT?

Would love to see this feature after seeing it in Keysmith

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