Feature Requests

About the Feature Requests category (1)
Differentiate external keyboards (2)
silent about updates (2)
Create a variable called Group[Index] to enable returning from other Groups. (1)
Complete switch of BTT settings? E.g: During weekdays - show different calendar or widgets (3)
Scroll Right, Scroll Left also Trigger on Shift Scroll (1)
Sticky left/right section or option to copy multiples widgets/buttons/scripts (1)
Option to stick scrollable container elements to left/right edge on scroll (2)
Adding special and/or foreign characters to the touch bar (2)
Turn Bluetooth Off When Remotely Connecting (1)
Filter widgets & buttons view (1)
Please implement window move/resize pop-up from BetterSnapTool in BTT (5)
Customisable Shortcut Layouts on iOS (1)
Ability to paste nth entry in clipboard manager (3)
Window Snapping (shortcut + drag = always-on-top-window) (4)
True Tone toggle in BTT (11)
Touchbar Date / Time to observe Daylight Savings (3)
Request: ability to show a notification (6)
Ability to add Control Strip to own TouchBars (8)
Play sound action (2)
Use a sidebar instead of a modal for editing (2)
Animated transitions while opening button groups in touch bar (3)
Switch focus of window with direct visual shortcut keys (1)
BTT Remote Bluetooth support (control Mac with iPhone without Wifi) (7)
Gestures for normal Mice: double or tripple middle-click or long-press (2)
A dummy version of BTT - for testing and collating purposes (5)
Use system keyboard repeat rate (4)
Touch ID Sensor on MacBook Pros as Trigger (2)
Video(audio)-scroll option (1)
Text replacement enhancements (1)