User variables - sorted list

Hallo Andreas,
is there a simple way sort the user variables in BTT (other than copy the list to a textedit and sort it there), as I have about 300 of them...( for my floating menus/setup...)
maybe an option/action to copy as text for display in a floating menu ...

the persisted variables are all saved in this file everytime BTT quits:
~/Library/Application Support/BetterTouchTool/btt_user_variables.plist
This file can be opened with any plist viewer/editor.

However apart from that there is currently no good way to access them in a structured manner. I could add a simple export to plist option that would save/open all current variables in plist

Thanks for that Andreas,

I create a "quick and dirty" debug screen to check the correct assignment for all my variables. That will become more important later stage, when in production and when changes need to me made / debugged...

I noticed a minor issue: a strange rendering issue?
you need to zoom in to see it...