Logitech MX Master 3 Gestures, Fwd, Back & Stop scroll buttons

Hello Team,

I tried to configure the extra buttons in my Logitech Mx Master 3 mouse but they seems like not being detected by the application!

So, is this mouse supported like the magic mouse or not?
If not, is it in your plan to include those rich buttons??

Thank you.

Full Logitech support is planned for later this year. However you can use the logitech app to send shortcuts, which you can then configure in the keyboard section in BTT.


Thank you dear @Andreas_Hegenberg for your reply.

I hope you to proceed on your plan because Logitech app is crap and it is full of bugs and glitches when it comes to macOS wakeUp from the sleeping mode!
every time you need to re-open the app and start over with re assigning the buttons.

definitely! will still take some time, but dinnertime this year.

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Many thanks :pray: :rose:

Any updates on this thread?
I would love to use conditional triggers to change the scroll behaviour without needing logi Options+

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any update on this? @Andreas_Hegenberg


@Andreas_Hegenberg Any update on this please ? The MX Master 3 is so weird for not sending key press to BTT

@Andreas_Hegenberg Yes, any update ?
Especially since Logitech has just added AI-related features to its driver and software (making it even heavier and more susceptible to issues and bugs).
If we could completely do without their software and switch entirely to BTT to manage the configuration of Logitech mice in addition to everything that your wonderful tool already offers, that would be great.

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Unfortunately the full Logitech support in BTT will still take a while. However there is a new option that should allow for recognizing shortcuts sent by logitech:

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