Access clipboard history content via scripting variables

It would be great to be able to access items from the clipboard history. Not only being able to paste them, but also use them in BTT. Maybe as scripting variables.

Basically, I miss the clipboard manager in the Touch Bar. The main clipboard manager in BTT works well, but for me it is not that fast to use or customizable. It would be cool if you could make your own, for example in a floating menu.

I could probably provide access to the preview BTT generates (shown on the left side in BTT's clipboard manager). And I could give a function to paste the clipboard item "behind" the preview.

Giving access to what the BTT clipboard manager shows on the right side would quickly get complicated though due to the many different file formats.


I think for me personally that would be enough, als long as it is somehow possible to determine from the preview the file format of the item or at least wether it is text or not.

Because 95% of the time I just use the clipboard manager to paste text with or without format. So having these two options (or only pasting if it is not text) would be enough for me.