Easier way to show dynamic data in buttons

I've been able to use an AppleScript Widget button to show some dynamic text in a stream deck button, but when I want something simple (like just displaying the value of a BTT variable), it would be great if that could be built-in as a merge variable somehow in the text engine.

You can display a BTT variable like this:

The problem is, this will only be refreshed when the button is rendered, which might not be super useful for dynamic data.

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Using Variable this way on a streamdeck doesn't work for me.
It seems to work only for widget buttons titles, not for simple Stream Deck buttons

Yes, I would find this useful, but in the stream deck buttons, it doesn't seem to substitute in the variables, it just shows {variableName} on the button itself.

I'm currently looking into way to make the variables work and also automatically refresh. Hope this will be available in one of the next alphas