Floating menu - Run Script on Menu Item hover

would it be possible to have an option:
"Run Script on Menu Item hover" as well ?

As far as I can see is the current "Run Script on Menu hover" not running the script when the cursors stays inside the menu.

for testing I have the script below and it updates the time only when the cursor was once outside the menu, but when the cursor stays inside and moved over the menu item it is not running...
(please note: I have not set "script repeat" on purpose just to test whether it updates the time when hovering...)

when could a "Run Script on Menu Item hover" be used?

I have a different menu item which displays a variable text via a script. It works all fine, but updates "only" when the cursor was outside. The variable is set before the menu is displayed, and also set to different texts each time when (other) buttons are pressed (show which Search button was last pressed). In this case it will not update as the cursor stays in side the menu...


P.S. for reference this is the "Menu" with the "Text" button in the top row...

I'm currently finalizing a way to have an action sequence run on hover start and one action sequence run on hover end. With that it should be possible. The script might need to be adapted a little bit - I'll update here once it's available.

Btw. really cool menu you have built there!

Thx a lot Andreas,
my "menu" is meant to replace my StreamDeck setup once the new BTT Remote app becomes available.

I am a bit concerned with the current size (it's about 110 MB text when copied), probably due the loads of icons and their image data (most in png). The menu will be even larger once you have added new options/etc.

Currently the BTT UI gets "slow" when editing it and loading is "not instant" anymore. But it works fine when "on screen"...and that most important...


Maybe you can send the menu to me, then I can use it for UI performance optimization. (andreas@folivora.ai)

Is the 110MB compressed or uncompressed? (what size do you get when you zip it?)

Yes, sure, great I send the profile in a few minutes...

Thanks for sending! I can see the performance issue you are encountering. Most of it is because of the non-optimized rendering of the previews in the UI. I'll change it to cache the preview once it has been rendered.

I think I'll also add an option to resize/compress the icons in a floating menu to fit the defined size - currently there are many icons in your preset that are larger than they'd need to be.

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Good to hear that it helped further...

It took quite some time to get the icons and text to fit together properly. As my icons are not standard sizes ect it sometimes worked with "static background", but often only "resize to fit or x/y size" and then offset the x/y position and similar with the text. Anyway, it is done now.

One issue I noticed: the text itself seams not to be "floating above" or is not displayed on top the images (loaded from disc) in some cases.
or in other words icons / text can not positioned independenly ?

E.g. when the image was positioned/moved/resized the text itself which was for example "centered" was suddenly not visible anymore (as moved off the button area/size by the position the image ?)

icons intentionally don’t go behind the text, for that you need to use the background option (for which I might need to add better options for resizing/positioning

The performance issue should be solved in v4.467 alpha (first load will still be slow, but then it will all be cached)

Wow that make a big difference..!
If I can be of any help with "test flying" the new remote app, let me know...

Andreas !