BTT 2.69x discussion - Problems with new features

Just a discussion about the bugs with the latest alpha BTT

All tests done with my AQT preset. It has MANY conditional activation groups, persistent TouchBar Triggers and all the fancy stuff.
You can view it here but I'm using a newer unreleased version that I'm still working on.

Customise BTT Button

The issue was discussed here:

In Response To @Andreas_Hegenberg:

Let me add that I did change the button colour to blue for all the things i mentioned above, but thats all I changed. I haven’t done anything else other than this, either. (I did also try to add it to other presets). and yes I am om mojave.

About the “Add only One”:
I see. but one last question:
Can I add one to every app group?
The main thing I want to do here is change the icon based on the open app.
I’ll put my preset logo in there and if the app is supported it’ll light up. If not then it’ll go grey.

So if I add one to every app, will it change based on the open app, or will it pick one random one from the whole preset?

Show window bezel for floating HTML menu

It shows, but the shadows are missing. It's hard to differentiate it from the backgrounds:
Additional "Show Window Shadows" box?

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Additionally, the top translucency isn't updating properly. it only updates when the window is:
made not frontmost,
frontmost again.

Basically, when you click out of the window it takes a chomp out of the background for translucency.
when you click back in it shows the change, but when you drag it, it takes the chomp around...

The image below shows the result of:

  • having the window halfway between the BTT window and the background
  • clicking out of the window
  • clicking the window again
  • dragging the window to the left
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but tbh, I don't mind if translucency for this is disabled altogether. The main thing here is the window shadows.
For now I'll hack up some kind of grey border to outline the window from my HTML content but shadows would be nice :wink:

Additional App Behaviours

I haven't verified this extensively but the new app behaviour "Show Default, Hide CS if BTT is open" doesn't close the BTT bar on app switch. That's all so far, I'll be checking if the other options are operating ok as I use my preset throughout today.

Dynamic Play Button Widget (or new NowPlaying Widget)

The {playing}{paused} method shows the play icon when playing and the pause icon when paused.

It's meant to show the Pause icon when playing and the play icon when paused, to indicate what the button does instead of the state of the playback.

I suppose this is just part of the NowPlaying widget though and a seperate new widget "Dynamic Play Button" is coming soon.

TrueTone Toggle Action / widget

oh, i see this is added. I don't have a true tone macbook so I can't test it. @anyone?

Customise BTT Button:
this is really weird, I have used it throughout the day but it was always updating fine. It would be great if you could upload the preset where it's not working consistently!

You can add one per app / group. If you add multiple per app, it will select randomly.

Show window bezel for floating HTML menu
Good point, I'll enable the shadow when a bezel is drawn. The translucency probably won't change though (unless it's fixed by adding the shadow). I think this is caused by the used window type which is the only one that will work for the floating HTML window.

Additional App Behaviours
That is also very weird, it seems to close properly here. Maybe this is some issue with specific conditional activation groups?
I will do some testing here tomorrow. This is relatively complicated so it's very possible I missed something.

Dynamic Play Button
Ah true. For now I'll add additional {pausedShowPlay} and {playingShowPause} replacements because new widgets probably won't be added before the new UI is out :slight_smile:

True Tone
That action has been in BTT for a long time, there hasn't been a change to it, thus I assume it's still working :slight_smile:

//edit: just uploaded 2.663, should improve shadow and maybe touchbar behavior :slight_smile:

Hi, Thanks for your reply.

Preset being Tested

Here's the preset i'm using currently, (it's AquaTouch with most of the new features of BTT implemented into it)

It's also a work in progress so you may see some preset-side bugs occurring, e.g. it's haptic handler creating second or slow clicks (uses many scripts to drive it's haptics), hold actions not working, misplaced escape keys etc.

Head to my post to see how to set it up if the internal setup instructions don't appear or are unclear. I'm pretty sure you can figure it out as dev of BTT though.

AquaTouch-b3.3.0dev2018.12.7.bttpreset (25.9 MB)

Bug Reporting

I haven't used my laptop enough today to verify what you said, so i'll come back to some of your points somewhen later.

For now, I've noticed:

BTT button only updates when you enter, then exit BTT.
It doesn't change while the bar is closed.
The BTT bar needs to be opened and closed again for the change to be seen.

When I press ANY modifier key (even shift), the bar closes.
This is quite annoying, especially since I use the 'path tools' bar a lot as my tool selection in illustrator.

As I hold control to release snapping, shift to get a straight line, etc. the bar closes and my tools disappear...

I don't see any window shadows appearing as of yet
title says it all

Now Playing button seems to be working just fine (except for the reverse icon ofc).
I still need to observe it a bit more though, to make sure.

Maybe the app specific behaviour bug is ok.
The modifier key bug might be making it look like this is bugging out, but I need to use the new changes a bit more to figure it out for sure.

The “show macOS control strip” and the “Show BTT button in control strip” in general touchbar settings can both be independantly switched on/off.
e.g. i can show BTT button in control strip but have the CS hidden for BTT.
Change it so that the second toggle doesn’t disappear based on the first.

I tested a bit with your preset and made some changes, would be great if you'd have a look at v2.665 :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much!

I've updated BTT. I'll try it out and look for errors. It's quite late right now so I don't think i can come back with a reply so soon. I guess we'll see how it goes!

EDIT: BTT button problems again. The custom icon does change as desired but as soon as you tapped a changed icon it reverts to the normal BTT icon and becomes unresponsive.
Trying to open safari youtube group. I'll need to use it more and figure out a cause i guess.

By default custom control strip widgets don't change the visibility of the Touch Bar (because some users might just assign some unrelated action to it).

This means if you want to show something you might need to add the "Toggle BetterTouchTool Touch Bar" action in addition, does this maybe solve the issue?

Yes i was just writing an edit to my previous comment saying i've fixed it;

EDIT 2: Turns out this was an AQT logic error on my side. I set the custom button to open the YouTube group without toggling the touchbar first.

Hopefully there aren't anymore bugs!

Haha let's see... :smiley:.
Sometimes these small features are the most complicated :slight_smile:

//edit: btw: I like your use of the control strip button very much.

lol yep!

thanks ahah... I hope i can get the latest updates out soon. I'm really pushing BTT am I? should I say sorry for that? XD

I plan to get it out next week if no major bugs are encountered until then :slight_smile:
Keep pushing it! You may also be interested in putting a affiliate link like Goldenchaos. ( - 20% is the default but for presets creators I switch it to 40%)

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wow thanks so much!

I'll probably need to refer to my parents as i'm still in highschool and unsure how to manage money~ Could you keep it up/PM me the link (maybe PM because someone else might click it) while I go ask them tomorrow? Thanks so much!

everybody can sign up for the affiliate program, so that's ok :wink:
I need to activate any signup.

But yes, in some countris stuff like this can be complicated because of taxes etc..

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Hi again @Andreas_Hegenberg,

I still haven't been using my preset that much, but while I have I don't seem to be interrupted with as much bugs anymore. I guess they're subtle enough to be usable now!

Things I've noticed:

  • Sometimes the BTT button goes blank. When it does, I can't interact with it. I'm not sure what causes this as I'm late to realise it. Sometimes it fixes itself back up too. weird.

  • "Show BTT Bar, Hide macOS Control Strip" doesn't open the BTT bar at times. Maybe specific to Conditional Activation Groups.
    (observed when calling the BTT window while the BTT bar is closed. It should automatically open up to AQT's welcome bar.)

  • "Show Default App Bar, Hide macOS Control Strip when opened" doesn't close the bar. (observed when switching from this site in safari to finder)

  • The HTML bezel looks great now. I noticed it also supports dark mode. The translucency still isn't working properly though, but I guess that's just a small detail for now.

  • Show BTT icon in CS separated from it's parent option. Great!

  • For some reason, the control key still kills my preset. However it springs back up when I release. This was also an issue on stable... Could you take a look?

  • More to come soon.

I've also setup my affiliate account! Two things:

  • How do I get my account approved by you, then additionally how do I receive the link?
  • If the user buys a non-lifetime account through the link, will I get 40% again if they extend it?
    Thanks so much!

Found another one:

Groups won't close when switching apps, even when the checkbox for that function is off.

Also, Setting a hold action for BTT buttons doesn't seem to work...

Sorry, last week was super busy. I'm now looking into this!

You affiliate account should be active. Unfortunately my reseller doesn't support such advanced tracking, thus it won't be possible to account for extensions ;-( (Because it's not a subscription, for my reseller they are just separate products)

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I was able to reproduce most things (only the missing icon thing not yet) and just uploaded v2.666 alpha, would be great if you'd try that :slight_smile:

About the ctrl thing, do you maybe have this enabled?:

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Promising Changelog! Will come back in a comment with my observations.


  • Added "display order" to the Touch Bar item configuration options. This allows you to define the order in which items will appear if they are merged e.g. from different activation groups.


So i've been using it for a while now and since I thought it was smooth enough , i released a new AQT version.

Most of the bugs seem to be smoothed out pretty well, but the last one would be the blank BTT icon at times.

It's the same bug as before, but now that I'm observing it, it usually seems to happen after I wake from sleep (usually at the start of the day). Could you try reproducing the bug?

Also good implementation of the display order setting. It's very useful and i'm using it a lot.

I'd like to request an addition however, this would make GC's and my preset a lot slimmer and possibly run better, also easier to edit.

I know you've been focusing on the new UI, but if you have time for this then i'd be really thankful! (gone will be the days of copying 5 control strip items and escape key into every. single. groouuup, in every app.)


v2.671 has erased my persistent trigger settings! (show in all groups, exceptions in CAgroup)
@GoldenChaos, careful when you update.

what do you mean by "exceptions in cagroups"?
You are sure you didn't accidentally import an older preset?