New BetterTouchTool UI Progress

Thanks for noticing!

I’ve tried your suggestion but it isn’t very stable in updating it’s changes. I’ve set the widget but it usually doesn’t update the button..

Added to global: trouble updating (even after restart BTT
Added to a Conditional Activation group: no change even after restart
Added to my Safari Conditional Activation Group: Changes sometimes after restart

(i use CAGroups a HEAP in my AQT preset.)

Can I add a BTT button widget to every app/CAGroup or does ‘add only one’ mean add only one in the whole preset?
If two presets are open/accidently two btt button widgets are added, how is it handled?

Also quick fix: the ‘show BTT button in MacOS control strip’ in General touchBar settings shouldn’t disappear if ‘show macOS control strip is off.’ It should be a seperate option that doesn’t disappear and always shows.

I’ve yet to implement your other new features and test them out. Stay in tune for that.