Emulate a real middle click (including dragging) with the trackpad. E.g. for CAD programs.

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This allows you to do a trackpad three finger click to perform a middle-mouse-down click. It will keep the middle mouse button pressed as long as you are still touching the trackpad with at least one finger. This allows you to move the cursor and thereby simulate a real middle-mouse click as needed for e.g. CAD programs like Archicad.

NOTE: This requires BTT 2.506 alpha or later to be imported correctly

Copy & paste this JSON snippet into BTT, it will add a Trackpad 3 Finger click (responsible for the middle-mouse-down cllick and a named trigger (responsible for the middle-mouse-up) in the "Other" tab in BTT:

The example is available here:

Screenshots (optional)

Not working for me for Onshape (in Safari) nor with SolidWorks through Parallels. Update BTT today and still nothing.

I'm trying to get this working as well.

It is described in the BTT documentation but doesn't seem to work in parallels.

jup, sorry I don’t think there is a way to make this work with parallels ;-(

I figured out how to get it to work, but there is a way to achieve some buggy behavior where the middle button gets held down but movement does not register in the app (I'm testing with MagicaVoxel). It results in behavior that cannot be replicated with a real mouse.

What did you get working and can you share any tips?

Followed the instructions, and it seems like you gotta use 3 fingers, and push to click.

Anyway, I'd highly recommend you try to use a keyboard binding to achieve the 3 finger click action. That should be easier to do because it is gonna be tricky with the trackpad.

Goes without saying, never be without a backup mouse when you need to do work in an app that uses the middle click but BTT does gives you wings, really might be fine with a keybind.

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