Very disappointed multiple problems on install.

Installed on my brand new MacBook Pro 16" running Catalina 10.15.2

Trying to get it to work with Maya to be a middle mouse button click. Wasting hours now trying different ways. Was going to disable and re-enable it in accessibility and it hosed my system where neither my trackpad or keyboard worked! I had to hard reboot!!!!

Also that message about accessibility was stuck on the screen.

I'm going to look at the alpha but so far I give this product -1 stars.

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What you describe is a bug in macOS Catalina, it happens randomly when removing an app from the accessibility list while it is still running. Apple is aware of the problem and I hope it will be fixed in one of the next macOS builds.

Unfortunately I'm not a maya user, but possibly have a look at this: Emulate a real middle click (including dragging) with the trackpad. E.g. for CAD programs.

Well your product doesn't work either.

It definitely works. Many people are using it :stuck_out_tongue:

It may not work for your use case, I'm not using Maya, thus can't tell about that. That's why BTT has a 45 day trial version.

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It doesn't work for Maya. Maya has a trial versions see for yourself.
Also you mention alpha versions but there is no visible place to download alpha.

But the alpha won't help in your case.

I know that many people are using BTT with Maya, but I don't know about middle click emulation (which can be hard)

Well it is your product you should figure it out. Maya has a pretty large user base.
It is not like a middle mouse button is something new.
That is a very basic feature of a mouse.
And apparently I have been using the most up to date version 3.214

BTT usually doesn't do app specific optimisations and relies on the fact that most apps use the system standard APIs. If it doesn't work for a specific app that's ok and may or may not be fixed. If people ask nicely I tend to be more motivated to look into something.

But still, maybe have a look at that preset Emulate a real middle click (including dragging) with the trackpad. E.g. for CAD programs. (description is based on the old UI but works the same in the new one)

Also BTT is definitely not a one click solution, there might be better tools for your use case.


It is aggravating to get a tool and have one very simple use case and spend hours having it not work for a very common application. Then to have to hard reboot my brand new system is super aggravating. It can mess up my entire system!

The instructions you supplied are for an outdated version. I don't see where to add the JSON.

From a technical perspective real middle click emulation in CAD programs is one of the more complicated use cases BTT can (or can't) handle, definitely not a very simple one. But I understand that it might look like it from the outside.

And sorry about the accessibility issue, I'd also like to get that fixed ASAP - if you happen to be an apple registered developer it would be awesome if you'd report it to them using the feedback assistant.

The instructions you supplied are for an outdated version. I don't see where to add the JSON.

Try clicking the direct import button on

That link doesn't show a direct import button.

Trying to use the preset yields "Sorry, the preset couldn't be imported as it seems to be in the wrong format."

The button should be on the top right:

The presets works like this:
If you do a three finger click, middle click mode is enabled as long as at least one finger keeps touching the trackpad. This means you can three finger click, then move around with one finger.

I did this where does it show up in your App???

I wanted middle mouses button click simulation for my Magic Mouse not the trackpad.

Notwithstanding, it doesn't work with the trackpad either.

Since I'm unable to reply due to a limit imposed on this forum I'll add my last comment here:

In the time we have discussed this you could have downloaded Maya.

What can I do, it has just simply been an aggravating and time wasting experience.

If you get it fixed let me know. In the mean time I'll look for other solutions and or a 3 button mouse that works on Mac.

Till January destroyed my interest. Also your product sucked about 4 hours of my time, and forced a hard reboot. How do you expect someone to feel when they try your product and have to struggle with it like this???

It isn't exactly an intuitive product, one developer to another! It looks exactly like a product a developer would make that is not in touch with what the user wants...simplicity!

Oh and this forum restricting my replies is also a complete annoyance!!!

All I wanted was a middle mouse button click. I'm willing to pay for it too. I'd pay $50 for an app that just did that one simple thing since I need it and I need it yesterday. I have seen other comments from Maya users wanting the same thing. I'm a user and a developer and I can say that your app is not intuitive. It shouldn't take hours to figure if something will work or not. Your reply about the 45 day trial was not great. Why would I want to spend 45 days to figure out if a utility like this can work for me or not. I didn't want to spend more than 5 minutes (nor should I have had to) but it actually took me hours.

You should put up a big warning when the app starts about the Apple problem mentioned as no one wants their system hosed by using an app. You were aware of it but I have to find out about it after the fact.

I think it is also on you as the developer of this kind of app. to download trials of things like Maya and actually see if your app works or not. I'm not the first person that looked to your app to solve this problem.

If you think someone is going to be happy after trying your app for hours on two different occasions and then ultimately having to hard reboot a brand new Mac you are mistaken. It is up to you as the app developer to assuage them at that point. You know about the Apple problem so why not warn your users the first time the app launches??? I would have really appreciated that.

My rant was a result of a terribly frustrating experience with your App. Also I prefaced my -1 star with "so far". That is a true and honest revue of my experience trying to get this app to work for a middle mouse button click on a Magic Mouse II.

UPDATE: Although no longer supported this App works (option key + middle magic mouse button):

The concept can also be applied 1:1 to the magic mouse, but if it doesn't work on the trackpad it also won't on the mouse.

I'm sometimes using it with Blender and Sketchup - but possibly Maya is doing something different. I'll check whether I can reproduce the issue with the Maya trial, but it might take until January.