🆕 [v3.6.9] AquaTouch – The Powerful Touch Bar Redesign.

Could you send me your version of the preset? Your changes might have disrupted something...

Chrome and Finder was it?


Are you using apple music? I have a feeling it may sometimes not work with that. does a local file work?

Yes, apple music.

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Probably, haha! Here's my version of the present.AquaTouch-b3.4.0 Custom.bttpreset (22.1 MB)

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Great, thanks for that. I'll look into it soon.

Also I forgot to mention, the caprine Like button never worked in the first place, seems like I forgot to remove or note that it was unfinished. I don't think I'll work on it since it won't be able to handle the big like well (when you hold the button)

I'm not to confident about this one, as it's not perfect perfect but @onaforeignshore said I should update more regularly so here we go.


New Features

New Features

Quality Improvements

Bug Fixes


Download at the AQT Download Centre!


Yaaaas, thanks for the update man @yuuiko!! :heart_eyes:. At the moment I noticed ATQ it's much more fluid and intuitive buut (don't hate me pls :joy::pray:) I've found few minor bugs:

  1. I think calendar widget has some problems 'cause the 8 of june i'm free and I haven't registered that event ahah

  2. When I open Quick Strip in the preview app it happens few icons on the right are cutted

  3. https://photos.app.goo.gl/x6A4mUjBTK8qcbN57 Safari widgets got stucked in the previous site

  4. I don't know if you could do something about it but ... do you think is it possibile to change Keyboard shortcuts icons with something like the apple ones?

The good thing is that there's no more old control strips XD ... Joking apart thank you so much for your hard work, a lot of people like me maybe would've never appreciated touchbar without your preset!

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Thanks for feedback!! I was kinda eagerly waiting for yours lol

  1. Can’t check right now, afk.. But I did change the code so ill see

  2. Could you check the touchbar behaviour? Should be set to Hide BTT bar, Hide CS. May be another case of a random CAG behaviour reset @Andreas_Hegenberg

  3. @Andreas_Hegenberg the macOS CS Widget doesn’t update properly for me too

  4. I can only put text into that, unfortunatley.

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  1. It was set to "show default touch bar"

This bug sometimes happens!

Yeah, definitley the random reset bug. It happens to random apps for me too. It was set to the proper one, but it reset for you. Just change it back.

Empty CS Bug:
I also have this, @Andreas_Hegenberg. The CS widget is pretty buggy when it's made to change per app

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I updated to 3.05 today and decided to give AquaTouch another try. When I go to import, it seems to go ok, says it needs to restart BTT...which happens. But then it comes back up and there is no preset imported at all.

When I go into 'Select Active Presets', I only see default...ideas?

Hi all—how do I fix the Calendar never showing anything, or displaying "Could not retrieve"?

The direct import definitely seems to be broken - I am able to download the JSON and import manually...however, some stuff is strange...like the NotifBadges section is completely empty.


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I downgraded to 3.04, and everything works as expected


You’d need to download the iCalBuddy app for these to work.



Strange, I’ll look further. Meanwhile delete all AQTs and install again. Maybe it’ll be good to reset variables too, if you want a clean reset.

I also don’t recommend direct import, download as JSON.

Reset AQT Variables:
In the BTT config window, you’ll see the big white welcome message. On the right side it fades out into two dimmer shades, hold the medium-toned one (first dim) to enter debug tools.

I’ll also be sure to save my edits as I’m on 3.04, thanks for the warning :wink: !

Thank you so much! Works great now. I'm not sure how this was missed during setup.

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Hello @yuuiko! I'm noticing by my side an email notification badge bug only, because other notifications badges like the whatsapp one seem to work fine!

Mail is now turned off by default, have you tried to re-enable it in BTT configuration?

Also if you don't mind:

  • Hows the Quick Apps group without an app switcher?
  • SoundCloud auto-open? Should all Safari Widgets open automatically?
  • Change to the fn key as the AQT modifier?
  • Any issues with the new AirPods Widget?
  • Are Modifier Action Suggestions annoying?
  • Any app shortcuts you think would be worth adding?
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Just an FYI i'm unable to download the v3.5.0 from the share site because it's returning a 502 Bad Gateway :slight_smile: