🆕 [v3.6.9] AquaTouch – The Powerful Touch Bar Redesign.


Hmm, oddly enough I can't seem to press (and hold) Option and pick Game Mode anymore, which is really odd. I swear I could do it last night.

How would you switch to game mode without going to BTT and manually enable gamemode /disable BTT and vice versa?

Thank you

That’s odd....

I usually switch to gamemode via the control strip apps menu on v3, although i do admit it’s a feature I rarley use myself and it hasn’t been updated for a long time.

I entirley forgot that there where other ways of getting the gamemode button to show up (e.g. your ‘hold option’) so maybe those methods aren’t updated for v3.

Try using the buttion in the apps menu and see how that goes.

This is great! Two things, in your v3 beta, the prerequisite terminal fan controls installs for Game Mode won't install on Mojave. Also is there an easy way to swap all shortcuts for Safari to Chrome?

Thanks for your work!

hi @Hazer,

Could you please provide more detail on the fan controls issue? I'm running mojave and it seems to operate fine, though I didn't initially install it on mojave.

Chrome is having an overhaul in the next version. I don't aim to bring safari widgets to other browsers in the next version, as my list is quite busy, but maybe in the next version.

Thanks for your support!

Notice for Everyone using AquaTouch v3

@Andreas_Hegenberg has rolled out some much awaited BTT features that i've been longing to implement into AQT.
These features will add further quality improvements and bug fixes, but will require you to update using BTT's Alpha release stream.
BTT's alpha versions are also still in testing phase so it may add a bit more bugs. AQTv3 is also in testing phase too, so I guess we could all come together to help Andreas solve any bugs with the new features. More people = more tests!

The final version of AQTv3 will only be released when these new BTT features are released in it's stable release.

Has the True Tone toggle issue been addressed somehow?

We're working on it here:

*nice gif* (top post)

AQT b3.3.0 Update! (17 Dec 2018)

Not much new features, but AQT is now MUCH more smoother to operate. I collaborated and discussed various BTT features and refinements with @Andreas_Hegenberg, funnily enough; to get BTT to support AQT. Though there might still be some bugs with the new feature, I can definitley say that AQT is way more fluid and stable due to his new changes. Head to the 'Quality Improvements' to see a list of these improvements.

This update requires you to update BTT to v2.667 to update! Enable 'Update to Alpha Builds' in the BTT Advanced Settings.

Visit the Top Post to update!

AQT Version Naming Scheme Changed.

  • b0.0.0 - indicates that it is a beta. Betas are stable enough to be used daily but may have some bugs and incomlpete features that might not work. It’s the cutting edge version that is quite experimental.
  • v0.0.0 indicates a final stable (afaik) build.
  • X.0.0 - indicates a major redesign in the way AQT works.
  • 0.X.0 - indicates new app support and new features
  • 0.0.X - indicates a bugfix/hotfix release that fixes reported bugs.

Netflix Now Playing widget

  • thanks to @iAmWaldo!
  • Calling All Users! I don’t have a netflix so I need some feedback on it’s performance.

YouTube Now Playing Widget

  • Now supports returning “Paused/Video Ended” (@iAmWaldo again!)
  • Tap to play/pause YouTube directly without switching to it’s window. (very useful)

Youtube Safari Widget

  • New ’Skip Ad’ button (WiP, extremely buggy)

Google Chrome is now a full set. (@jacquelinett)

  • Retains most features from it’s native set
  • Added Features:
  • Tab Switching
  • Back/Forward buttons
  • ‘Window’ button with: Bookmark, Downloads, History, Reopen Last Closed and Home.


  • added ’Top’, ‘Side’, ‘Front’ Labels (kind of messy imo, will clean up next version) (@kalmdown)
  • Fixed duplicate ‘blender’ and ‘Blender’ app group

Quality Improvements (requires the new features in BTT alpha v2.667, thanks to @Andreas_Hegenberg!)

  • Notification widgets react to DND. They won't show up when you enable DND, but will come back no problem when you switch off DND. (@GoldenChaos)
  • AQT logo is now in the control strip. It changes based on the type of set. (new BTT Alpha feature - buggy)
    Full on: Full Set - 07%20pm
    Arrow: Extension set - 57%20pm
    Grey: No Support (gesture bar) - 24%20pm
  • Refined the ‘close btt bar’ cosmetics for extension sets.
  • New Play Button Handling. Doesn't look so refined at the moment but it works better than the previous applescript iteration. (new BTT Alpha feature - may not be stable)
  • The setup window now has a window bezel. You can now move it around, minimise, etc. (new BTT Alpha feature - may not be stable)
  • AQT should not open mixed with the macOS Control Strip anymore (new BTT Alpha feature - buggy) (@Dom)
  • Notification Badges, Control Strip and Escape keys shouldn’t get misplaced anymore with the addition of BTT's new 'Display Order' function.
  • Control Strip Highlighting is now visible when the CS is open.


  • Setup and welcome should appear on BTT’s Setapp Version now. (@pauxus)
  • Spotify NP widget closed the entire control strip instead of returning to the now playing widgets - fixed (@Simon_Defarge)
  • The spacing for Notification Bubbles have been fixed and refined. (mostly)
  • Facebook Safari Widget - ’Notificaitons’ spelling error fixed (pauxus)
  • Small Step Gesture Haptics didn’t respond to the haptics switch - Fixed
  • Bug Fixes with Haptics Settings and the AQT Haptics Engine
  • Digital Colour/Color tool has been merged into one group
  • Do Not Disturb Display Fixed. (Was it a Mojave error? not sure. But it works for me now.)


  • @Dom Escape keys in the CS will be fixed soon. I plan to redo how it updates it’s look.
  • Smooth Updating is coming soon.
  • Outlook Support to be merged from @onaforeignshore


let me first say thanks for your hard work! I'm just a few months on BTT and switched 2 weeks ago from GoldenChaos to your 3.2.beta .. took me a few days to get used to but the separate app controls are really nice! ..

just updated to 3.3 and aside better switching between apple nav and BTT nav a lot indeed has improved.

couple things I noticed right away:

In safari on a non-custom website (with restore last closed / ready later emoji) there are 2 escape keys next to each other.. and the (X) left or restore last closed is redundant with the new collapse button (>) on the main AQT interface (edit: Just noticed this also happens in my mail app )

I don't have school at 8.15 nor have math excercise 2C coming up in my calendar :wink:

Play pause button works with Netflix (safari) in now playing. it says " no supported apps playing currently" though and because I play it in safari i would expect a safari > button next to the safari toolbar.

that's it for now!

thanks again!

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Hi @ikzy,

I'm glad you like the preset! thanks for your kind words.

Double Escape in Safari:
- I can't seem to reproduce this issue. Could you maybe upload a screenshot of this? (⌘⇧6 to screenshot the touchBar.)

X button appearing on extension sets
- This is more an aesthetic function rather than a purely functional one. The button allows you to identify the set as an extension set. Without it, it would look like it a full set. It's also there to make it look like its sliding out under the macOS control strip and overlaying the other controls, suggesting it is meant to only be opened temporarily, much like apple's native now playing set and call controls.

It's interesting that it's happening on your mail app. I haven't made support for any mail app so I'm wondering why this is. Can I ask what mail app you use and also a screenshot of this behaviour in your mail app?

- lol, you probably understand that those are my tasks from my calendar and reminders. I'm not sure if you're just joking here or having a problem with these widgets though. If they're not showing up be sure to install iCalBuddy (link in the setup window).

- Thanks for the report! I'll fix the 'no playing' message soon. I missed that :wink:
What did you mean by the safari > button? I don't quite understand that one.

Thanks for your reply! Glad you enjoyed it!

good morning!

after a fresh start this morning the double escape button changed with some extra text.. here's a screenshot:

The calendar widget used to work, and still kinda works:
after clicking the calendar button:

after clicking your school event:

it shows my events! everything worked in 3.2 and I didn't change anything. Icalbuddy is installed and working as you can see

X Button: I probably edited the mail part under the wrong option, I was talking about the double escape button..

Because I'm playing in safari, I would expect it to be accessible like youtube :

with the blue button to return to the safari settings..

Good luck squashing :slight_smile:

good (well, afternoon, almost night here)...

Ah yeh, the escape key widgets were probably just still thinking and sorting themselves out. Give them some time and they'll probably sort themselves out.
I plan to improve how they work in the next release

Schedule Widgets
ahahahaa thats funny. I changed their code to display that for the hero image photoshoot and forgot to change them back. Fixing it right away!

X button
ah, lol. Well now you know its there (i guess). It's mostly there to keep your context rather than a directly functional trigger.

A Netflix safari widget isn't supported yet and it'll be hard for me to make one for it since I don't have an account and it isn't a free service.. I don't really know how it all works so i'd be designing blind unless I get access somehow!

Thanks for your replies!

p.s. just noticed:

  • notification bubble has weird spacing
  • no more events message but you do have events? hmmm...

will look into these.



Hei @yuuiko ! How are you? I'm so sorry if in this period I've been a little bit absent but I'm sooo busy with my University thesis🤯 ...

I was trying your latest AT release during these days and this is what I noticed:

  1. When I'm using finder app this appears on my bar and I think it's ok ->

but when I open it that's what happens (it randomly changes between this two "options" during the day)

  1. Calendar problem has been fixed in today update so no more problem here

  1. If i'm on youtube or google drive AQ displays this option on the right corner (soooo good man! :heart_eyes:)

but on Facebook doesn't appear nothing

3.1 It seems to be bugged sometimes even on safari

4 When you open Photoshop, BTT starts with default preset, and when u click on AT button it changes to your preset

While if you use Illustrator or other adobe apps they have no problem at the first opening

5 DND mode toggle now works like a charm but I'm still having problems with Bluetooth toggle because it doesn't change when I switch it on/off

P.S. If you need any help with Adobe Animate preset I'm here! (during last few months it became my daily adobe app for work, so I could help you with it :smiley:)

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I regret to say that I have a pretty serious bug to report:

When using AQT, some of my keyboard shortcuts stop registering. I have ⌘J bound to ⌥⌘← in Google Chrome (which is the Previous Tab) command. Similar bindings for forward tab and similar bindings in Safari all stop working as soon as AQT is loaded. I don't see the same issue with GoldenChaos for example.

Notably some of my global key bindings do work.

I am on BTT v2.667 and AQT b3.3.1.

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Hi All,

@Dom, might as well jump into it

  1. -uuuguggghhhhhh homeeeworkk rollllsssss-

  2. huu this is weird. I don't think this is an error on my side... It doesn't seem to be doing this to me, could you check if this is set for the problem sets? If so, maybe it's an issue with the new BTT feature. @everyone having the same issue? @Andreas_Hegenberg?

  3. yay!

  4. Facebook and Soundcloud work differently, so I need to still figure out how to make it change the icon (they don't run using their on CAgroup due to inability for CAgroups to check URL.)

  5. I'll check the behaviour for Photoshop.

  6. I haven't touched the bluetooth toggle as of yet, however its seems to be working fine for me...
    Could you try this in terminal:

system_profiler SPBluetoothDataType | grep -i "Power: On"

and also check if the button is actually switching bluetooth, or doing nothing. Also maybe your macOS version would help

I'd appreciate your help with animate! Give me a bit of time though, I'm still kind of too busy to implement new sets as of now. I'd probably Private Message you if I get up to it, if that's fine with you.

I'm assuming your custom BTT keyboard shortcuts are not working anymore.
Are they appearing in BTT?

You might need to move them into AQT if you've put them within/into GC-BTT, or if you've made it as a seperate preset, be sure that it's checked as active in the preset palette. (keep AQT as the master preset)

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There has been a fix regarding keyboard shortcuts and activation groups in the latest alpha, maybe that solves the issue?

Maybe. AQT uses conditional activation groups ALOT.

@bennyty, try updating BTT to 2.668?

@yuuiko thank you so much for your help!

  1. On my side Finder App was setted in this way but it seems that changing to the last one now works great!

4 Maybe I found what caused Photoshop problem ... Look here!

5 Yassss now BT toggle works perfectly!! :smiley:

Of course! PM me when you want!


I noticed latest version causes a little bit of battery drain! @yuuiko

edit. It happens when I click on my touchbar and the drain notification persists on the right corner for 3-4 minutes every time