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New Features
Bug Fixes

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Older Versions

See comments for more recent updates.

AquaTouch v3 Betas:


Keep Striving ON - AquaTouch b3.0.2!

Important Installation Note:
After installing AQT b3.0.2, please:
tap the setup instructions button, then
tap EVERY option in the settings on and off.
This will set various variables required to ensure the new scripted triggers work properly with the new settings view.
I'm working on a smoother update experience, so hang on for that.

Important Usage Note:
The implementation of the settings and conversion of many triggers into applescript widgets may increase processor stress / battery drain. This is a beta and i'll need feedback about this to ensure that it's tamed enough for the full release.

What's new in b3.0.2:

Changed Version Number Format

  • The version number now has a 'b' in front of it rather than a 'v' to indicate that this is a beta.

Edited the Help Windows

  • Information about the operation of AQT3’s new functionality has been added.

    Edit: Just noticed that that SF widget support list has Facebook and Soundcloud missing. Next update :wink:

New Safari Widgets

  • Facebook (sometimes doesn’t work well, it’s Facebook’s fault)
  • SoundCloud - Playback Controls, Like, Repost
  • (Reddit Safari Widget was trailed, but counterintuitive and didn’t work well so it won’t be added.)

Opera Support (extension set)

  • Just copying over from Google Chrome

Firefox Support

  • Tab/Navigation controls by @onaforeignshore! (he sent me a PM full of cool new changes. Looking into them for AQT b3.0.3.

New SETTINGS: (it's a big deal)

  • Toggle Haptics on/off
  • Toggle Control Strip Highlighting on/off
  • Toggle the Calendar Highlighting Behaviour (take your pick - highlight for calendar events, reminder tasks or for both)
  • Toggle the Escape Key Style
  • Refined look of the preferences set. (well, not sure about this one. I tried to go for a rainbow look but yeeeeehhh~)

"Attention to Detail" Changes

  • Control Strip Highlighting now applies while CS is open.
  • Added more Finder Quick Actions (it’s an extension set - so it will encourage you to use the native Finder TouchBar.
  • New ‘Haptics’ toggle in the Control view to easily disable gesture Haptics when you’re in a quiet area.
  • Haptics when using window snapping

Bug Fixes

  • Whatsapp set clashed with gesture bar - fixed
  • YouTube Safari Widget download button didn't work - fixed
  • Some Google Docs triggers didn't work - fixed

General Aesthetic Refinements (Alignment/Icon touchups)

  • AQT Settings
  • Google Drive SF Widget (Icon Reworks)
  • YouTube SF Widget (Icon Reworks)
  • AQT BTT Backend (AQT’s mechanics in the BTT window)
  • safari widgets are now visually grouped
  • neatening up of trigger list in the other tab
  • neatening up of touchbar trigger lists for some apps

Aqua-Touch b3.0.1

Here we are with another update! I've just been tweaking around whenever an idea popped into my head and I don't remember all of them, but here are all the changes I could remember.

AquaTouch-b3.0.1.bttpreset (22.4 MB)

NOTE: You must be familiar with Aqua-Touch before you use this. The setup process is still not updated fully to help you through setup, so you should use v2 for a while if you haven't used it before.

Caprine for Messenger Support

Atom IDE Now Supported.

Intuitive PasteCells let you quickly keep and insert text.
Known issue: sometimes very laggy and unresponsive

I think I added Telegram Support

Simple, Simple implementation of preferences allow you to change:

  • CS hold Actions
  • Haptic Feedback Styles
    (Head to the 'Other' section of triggers to set their actions)

Safari Widgets - Touch Bar for Websites!
If one of the supported sites are open, you'll see an extra button in the safari touch bar.

Right click the green window button to bring up window snapping
Thanks to @panda's "Visual Window Snapping" preset edited by @Jerosh!
You've been quoted within the code. Permission pending though, so it may be removed if upon request.

Control Strip Buttons Highlight on activity

Hide Desktop Icons toggle added to Controls view


  • OneNote Widgets now applied in format group
  • Stickies Mojave Fix for British English
  • PhotoBooth Layout Changes (more compatible)
  • General Fixes that I don't keep track of
  • Further cleanup of old AQT remnants

* You may see some work-in-progress things here and there.
* Help windows have not been updated for the new features of AQT3. You might be left confused about some features with no tips.


Older Versions:


2.2.1 Fixes:

'VLC Reopening' bugfix (i hope).
Added more "If VLC is open" statements to the code to prevent VLC scripts from opening VLC unintentionally.

Play Button Stability Improvements
Nothing much actually changed... I just reimported from GC-BTT and then put my modifications back in, but it seems to work better now.

Blank escape buttons in AfterEffects Fixed
Yep. It's fixed.

Recently Added in Version 2.2.0:

Added Whatsapp and Discord Support

Whatsapp shown above.

**Added VLC Support from vipersonic **

Tap the time displays on the left and right of the scrubber to skip ahead / skip back 10s
Includes playback speed control
Fullscreen button changes icon based on fullscreen state

Added Safari and Chrome Support (Just an Extension type layout)

  • Emojis
  • Shortcuts to ‘Favourites’ Grid and History
  • Restore Last Closed button
  • Safari Widgets

Layout improvements to After Effects. It's not a mess now.

Merge TouchBar iStats into the preset - One less thing to download initially
-- Game Mode has the option to display GPU, RAM temperatures.

Clean up Photoshop's 'Batch' Group

Clean up Skype Layouts, add a ‘new call’ button.

Small Step Brightness, Volume and Keeb Backlight with ⌥⇧ like system
External Display Brightness using ⌃⇧
External Display Brightness Small Step using ⌃⌥⇧

Implement GC-BTT’s new notification badge launch method (supports handoff)

Thanks to vipersonic's cool little VLC and Discord set for VLC and Discord!

Main preset:
Aqua-Touch_v2-2-0.bttpreset (13.3 MB)

Game Mode:
Aqua-Touch_v2-2-0_GameMode.bttpreset (640.1 KB)

You need to install and set up this plugin to use the CPU and FAN stats in gamemode:

  • I did change the measured CPU core, and that may differ for your computer so a bug here may occur.


What's New:
─ Stability Improvements to Calendar and Reminders Widgets

─ Improvements to connectivity options.

─ New (experimental) handling of Adobe apps that should activate on all versions.

─ I got Spotify (sigh) just to see and improve the Spotify widget. Appreciate it!

─ Holdable buttons are now noted with a small dot

─ B , I , U, S, H buttons in OneNote light up to the corresponding text selection

─ Stickies Style Toggles now indicate their state like OneNote. (exciting to play with)

*─ Auto-Setup button has been polished and does it’s job smoother. It’s notifications and restart now work properly.

─ Various other small visual and stability improvements, bug fixes.

Main preset:
Aqua-Touch_v2-1-0.bttpreset (12.6 MB)

Game Mode:
Aqua-Touch_v2-1-0_GameMode.bttpreset (459.9 KB)

You need to install and set up this plugin to use the CPU and FAN stats in gamemode:

  • I did change the measured CPU core, and that may differ for your computer so a bug here may occur.


Known Issue: The preset may be stuck with a 'Don't hold the BTT button again' message on import, which renders it unusable. Use the non-broken links to avoid this issue.

Main preset:
Aqua-Touch_v2-0-0.bttpreset (9.4 MB)
https://share.folivora.ai/sharedPreset/0f045140-504f-4a07-adf2-622b71c09dc0 [Broken Link]

Game Mode:
Aqua-Touch_GameMode_v2-0-0.bttpreset (459.6 KB)
https://share.folivora.ai/sharedPreset/920f7428-4d97-4da6-a076-1bbba9dc31d8 [Broken Link]

You need to install and set up this plugin to use the CPU and FAN stats in gamemode:

  • I did change the measured CPU core, and that may differ for your computer so a bug here may occur.

initial release

Main preset:

Game Mode:

You need to install and set up this plugin to use the CPU and FAN stats in gamemode:

  • I did change the measured CPU core, and that may differ for your computer so a bug here may occur.
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Terminology Channges


b3.4.0 Download


New Features
Quality Improvements

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New Features

New Features

Quality Improvements

Bug Fixes


v3.5.0 Download


Sorry for my inactivity! This update should fix a couple, if not most, of the AQT-side issues that have been circling since 3.5.0. Sorry for the long wait, I'm currently working towards high-school graduation so most of my focus is to finish my projects and to keep my marks up. Thanks for your wait!

(updates always scare me. I hope I didn't mix anything up :sweat:)

Opens Photoshop. Sees personal script... Remembers there was also a personal script in iTunes. Darn it, i did mess it up! Please wait untill you see another message under this that says that i've cleaned them up before downloading.

Alright. Should be fine now. Go ahead and download.


v3.5.1 Download


Feature Changes
Quality Improvements
Bug Fixes

Update Poll!

"Do you like the new Safari replacement set, or would you like Safari Default Touch Bar set back?"

  • Yes, the new Safari replacement set is great!
  • No, I'd prefer the previous; I'd like to use the Safari Default TouchBar.

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This update adds Web Widgets to Chrome and fixes some bugs that appeared on v3.5.1.


v3.5.2 Download


Bug Fixes
New Features
Quality Improvements


Focused on performance and efficiency, This update greatly reduces CPU usage compared to v3.5.2. Some refinements to existing features have also been added, along with a few new app layouts and tools.


v3.5.3 Download


Performance Optimisations
*for most apps.
New Features
Quality Improvements
Bug Fixes




v3.5.4 Download


New Features
Bug Fixes



  • Super Smooth
  • Smooth with a few hiccups
  • Frequent hiccups but quick recoveries
  • Very difficult to use due to performance issues

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v3.5.5 Download


New Features
Bug Fixes

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