VLC & Discord: Simple, integrates with the default Apple preset.

Featuring my presets for VLC & Discord.

All have served me pretty well and have gone through several iterations, which makes me happy enough to share them with you.


  • Faster & Slower playback buttons without the need to head to the menu bar
  • start time, remaining time, and position slider, which all took me an insanely amount of time and Apple Script to figure out and refine.


  • Functional, clean, and simple.
  • Features the 3 most important actions: Mute, Deafen, and End Call, without the need to navigate your cursor to a small corner of the screen.


Able to share the preset here instead?

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Problems on my 2016 MBP 13 w/ Touch Bar with BTT 2.563 Alpha and VLC 3.03 installed

  1. Slider disappears as shown in the attached photo
  2. VLC relaunches itself after closing it with Command+Q
  3. Volume buttons unavailable

@Alan_Lee Did you select "Show macOS Control Strip" in the General Touch bar settings? This is supposed to work with the default set. Not sure about the slider, it works fine for me and I can't seem to replicate your issue. VLC relaunching happens sometimes for me, but can't figure out why.

I have the same problem as Alan_Lee

The Slider width is set to zero. That's why no one sees a slider. The settings must have changed during the export of your preset. Can you post a screenshot of your slider settings? I would really appreciate that! :slight_smile:


I'm pretty sure I selected to upload all triggers and settings. If not, try this instead:

Hey @vipersonic ,

This seems like a well done implementation!
Would you mind if I merge it with my prrset; AquaTouch?

You’ll be mentioned throughout the preset for your work as well.

I’ve downloaded it but I haven’t tried it yet since I don’t have the apps as i’ve deleted them, but It seems great and I see it’s usefulness to those who use VLC and Discord. (I’ll try it and see what I can contribute soon)

Sure. VLC is a little broken, though, as the AppleScript for the time and the video duration causes VLC to keep launching. Not sure how to fix that. But Discord works fine.

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Thanks! I'll see if I can fix that up, but yeh this set is quite useful.

If not, then I'll just make a massive, big and bold 'Get IINA' button for VLC :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Everyone using VLC should switch, check it out!

A few things I like:

  • Can open literally any file. Haven't got one it can't yet.
  • Clean and modern UI
  • Much Customisations
  • Native Touchbar Support and customisation! (playback slider with frame snapshots, time remaining, etc.)
  • Cute, Automatic and neat music mode

Anyway, I won't make this sound like a paid promo (maybe I already have) but go check it out!


Edit: I see you're emulating mouse movements for the End Discord Call button. This isn't very secure/adaptable so maybe a trigger menubar item is better? I haven't redownloaded these two apps, I'll do so soon and come back with any suggestions.

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Great Big Bug Fix for You.

@vipersonic, @dionysos283, @Alan_Lee

I've merged VLC and Discord into my AquaTouch Preset successfully, and i've also refined the VLC setup greatly.

Ignore the right side control strip and the escape button in the screenshots below as these are part of AquaTouch and not VLC & Discord.

Improvements to VLC:

- Bugs have been fixed*

The Centre Scrubber doesn't disappear anymore.

I've made this widget only 'ask for the time' when VLC is open using:
if application "VLC" is running then
end if

Also, the uncalled function 'on returnPositionValue' is removed. This seems to fix the 'disappearing' issue.

The Time Widgets adapted to this change. They now display --:-- if no media is playing.

I've made the time widgets only 'ask for the time' when VLC is open using:
if application "VLC" is running then
end if

Quitting VLC is much more stable.

A result of the above code changes, especially the edit where I now check if VLC is running before 'asking VLC for the time'.

- Tap the time displays to skip back/forward instead of extra buttons

- Enter/Exit FullScreen changes it's icon based on the fullscreen state.

  • VLC's fullscreen is now used instead of native OSX fullscreen.

- CPU/Battery Efficiency improved by reducing unnecessary fast update times

  • Time widgets update every 0.5s seconds instead of 0.1s reducing CPU strain

- Clean up button icons and Preset layout handling

  • Left side / right side are ordered properly in BTT.
  • No more massive "Free Space After Button" s

*stabilised greatly, bug free not garanteed :wink:

@vipersonic, You might want to merge my edits and alert the users of the changes if my edits pass your standards :slightly_smiling_face:

Download my edit here:
VLC & Discord (yyuuiko remix).bttpreset (191.2 KB)
Edits have been annotated within the preset for you, vipersonic.

Have a great movie / music night with VLC!

Hey @yuuiko, do you mind if I adapt your VLC implementation to my preset? Working on a new release soon! :slight_smile:

Hi @tmxgkh,

Sure, no problem. You can use it but i’ve made further improvements to it which can be found over at my preset AquaTouch. The version you see above still has a few bugs (or loopholes or codeholes or whatever the like) that make VLC keep reopening.

Also ask @vipersonic first as he’s the original author!

@vipersonic Hey man, you cool if I adapt yyuuiko's preset into my preset will give you credit as well :slight_smile:

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@tmxgkh sure, go ahead! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, can you add "Now playing" to VLC? I can't seem to make it work.

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