utility for touchbar call pock

Hi I download utility for touchbar call pock
That show all your dock app in the touchbar
The problem with this that it overly on the Beter touch bar tool
Can you help me

AFAIK you can't display both of them at the same time, as both of them are apps that act on the touchbar. You could create one trackpad action that disables the touchbar and activates Pock in an attached action, and one action that quits Pock/activates the BTT touchbar.

Can you help me do it
The script

You don't need any script.
Just something like

  • trackpad action of your choice → launch Program → Pock
  • another trackpad action of your choice → quit Pock

But as I don't use Pock i don't know if you have to use attached actions (button in the right of the window) to make something like "enable/disable BTT touchbar"

In the latest alpha version I have added a Dock widget to BTT, so maybe this will help you workaround the problem: