Dock widget request

I heard about another app called pock that puts the Mac dock in the Touch Bar. I think it would be pretty cool to have something like that in btt that displays the doc and it’s features.

In order to be complete:
Homepage: Pock
Github (and the full article on MacTechNews)

To @Andreas_Hegenberg - I’m pretty sure this is what people are imagining when they try to use the existing App Switcher widget and it doesn’t work for them. This would be a great addition.

I've actually just figured out how to get the best of both apps:
I set up a keypad gesture with ` and set it to enable/disable btt. I now go back and forth between the two. it takes up a bit more cpu that I thought it would, but its a good compromise for now.

@Guy_Atia here a more precise explanation about what you were asking fore here.

In the latest alpha version I have added a Dock widget to BTT

And I've added it to the latest experimental GoldenChaos-BTT release! :smile:

Is this up and running? Could you send link to download preset if so?

@Jordan_Avila just add a new widget, and select the Dock widget.