Work in progress and alpha features

VERY NICE! Ive looked all over the documentation, guess I should have ask a month ago. LOL Thanks. Now I wonder what other hidden features im missing.

Thanks. I always pasted the prepared text from elsewhere for now :smiley: Stupid af but I missed it for so long :+1:t3:

Photos also requires an option return in some dialogs.
I used Keyboard Maestro to make return be option return in Photos. But then I have to type a return many, many times in Photos. You may not need it that often while setting up BTT.

In v3.062 alpha I added a stupid hidden feature:
You can now use basic HTML to style your button titles. The HTML must always begin with <html> and end with </html>. When doing this basically all other font related styles will be ignored. Only very basic html/css like colors and font styles will work though.



v3.063 changes the default behavior of the BTT control strip icon. It now hides as soon as the BTT Touch Bar is open (and the Control Strip visible). This solves a few problems and is a bit more intuitive I think.
It only does this if no custom control strip item is being used.

@yuuiko could you check whether this causes issues with aquatouch? (I think it's one of the only presets that relies on the control strip behavior)

The new behavior can be disabled here:

v3.064 alpha adds a simple dock widget that behaves like the macOS Dock (based on the stuff I implemented for retrieving the status badges):


The release notes for 3.064 seem to be glitching, the and tags aren't showing for me.

Wow, this is kinda super nice!! Next step: being able to select some specific elements (if this isn't too impossible to make) :innocent:

Doesn't seem to be interfering with anything right now but I haven't used my laptop on 3.06 much. Will confirm.

I think you should refine the multi-selection editing before going into new features, and even before the new features I think you should continue to refine the layout and 'quality of life' improvements. Just sayinn'

(Stuff such as

  • auto-open the corresponding tab when the gear icon is pressed, e.g. when editing touchbar, touchbar will show first
  • More aesthetic add buttons
  • adding a more exponential easing to animations
  • adding two finger swipe to get out of groups
  • color and contrast improvements
  • more concise right column, moving descriptions into tooltips and laying it out in better groups)


@yuuiko honestly these are currently pretty low prio for me, they will be improved over time! For now I'm finished with the UI stuff - although there will be improvements with every alpha. It's time to work on some of the other things that I didn't have time to look at during the new UI development. The old UI is still available for people who encounter issues, and like the old UI I intend to improve the new one over the next few months and years :slight_smile:

Next on my list is a native calendar widget :slight_smile: and various other small things I have on my list.

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Sure, it's acceptible that aesthetic changes are low prio. But I think you should at least fixup the multi-selection editing as it's very buggy, what do you think?

multi selection editing works ok for me, although it's not nice yet (but it's such a niche feature I currently can live with the ugliness for now ;-)). However if there are specific bugs I'll of course fix them.

Native calendar widget sounds like a GREAT addition. As you know I've been working with ical events with sports schedules and its been working, but what a pain.

What customization of calendar output do you plan to offer?

  1. Replacing/Removing text for output? ("Today at ") YUK
  2. Truncated output, limit length ie. maxsize
  3. Two line options of output for button (Time + Subject, Location data etc.)

just a few I deal with...


BTW, Thanks for the Fixed Width option. Really helps with a lot of design and sizing issues caused by dynamic button content. Applied to a lot of my AppleScript features this morning!

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@Andreas_Hegenberg When I go into settings and try to view Scripting BTT, I get this:

3.066 alpha fixes various little bugs with the new UI.

  • improve two line widget support (date & weather widget now also support different font sizes for the 1. & 2. line
  • fixed adding groups to key sequences
  • fixed some layout issues in the settings (@onaforeignshore)
    • fixed an issue with show / hide specific app action
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Don't hate me - I just realised that normal Apple Script Widgets that return a result in two lines using

return FirstLineVar & "
" & SecondLineVar

Do have the same problem!

Check out the Rehab lab Tomorrow :confused:

Script widgets that will return two lines need to have a title that also has two lines, then you can adjust the second line font size

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Thanks for this information!