THANK YOU for Capslock -> Hyper! A small request...

So glad I read the release notes - Capslock remapping to hyper is brilliant and has made me realise just how much latency Karabiner was introducing.

Is it possible to also have the behaviour where one tap of the key on its own maps to Escape, and then any combination with other keys it becomes Hyper? This is particularly useful in Vim.

That should be possible, I'll look into it for the next release.

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Brilliant, thanks! And by the way thanks for the software in general - it's easily the best money I've spent on productivity software by far; at this point using a new Mac just feels weird & restrictive until I get BTT on it.

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V 3.541 alpha is currently building and should be available in a few minutes!

It allows to specify a named trigger that is executed in case the hyper key was not used for any key combination:

You can then assign esc to that named trigger:


Whaaat that is insane! Can confirm it seems to be working great here!

And I didn't know about Named Triggers either, need to wrap my head around the possibilities there... again thanks so much for this :smiley:

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Hello! Another person really excited about capslock -> hyperkey here. Pairing tap for escape is ANOTHER one of those features that has become commonplace with hyperkey users on karabiner, so this is an exciting development to see.

One last request on this that I would be absolutely ecstatic to see implemented is the option to act as Hyper Key (without shift). A shiftless hyper is another convention common among hyper key users since it brings that much more flexibility with the same infrequent hotkey conflicts for programs, with the added benefit of just adding the shift key right below for another layer of hotkeys.

Just registered to say thanks for implementing hyper key to capslock, even that much more excited to see tap functionality being implemented, and if Hyper (without shift) were added to the modifier keys this would be absolutely perfect!

I’ll look into that! The latest alpha already allows to pair it with FN, but I think I‘ll allow users to choose the modifiers the hyper key shall trigger.


Great to hear! I'm on 3.540 and was actually thinking of trying to pair FN with hyper, but in the zealotous world of home row pedanticism being able to pair shift with hyper would be perfect.


the zealotous world of home row pedanticism


I tried. It had a few issues that I did not have with Karabiner.

  1. I have a keyboard input method that uses "Shift" to switch typing mood. When I use the hyper key in Karabiner, it never had issues. But when I tested on BTT, the keyboard input method keeps switching typing mood when I press the hyper key.

  2. the hyper key does not work when the 1Password window is at the front. It became the normal Caps Lock key.

  3. somehow, my Mac acts as if some modifier keys were down although I did not click any keys. click other windows will not make that window to the front. Nothing happens. Click the app at the dock will not make that app to the front either; it opens the app location in Finder. These are the same as the effects of ⌘+click.

  4. Pressing the modifier key combination does not work as intended. For instance, ⌘+D in BTT used to enable/disable a trigger, but instead, it functions as if I was pressing hyper+D. It triggers the "toggle dark mood" macro I set up in Keyboard Maestro that uses hyper+D as a trigger.

but I think I‘ll allow users to choose the modifiers the hyper key shall trigger

Hi Andreas, jus wanted to check and see if this is something you're still looking to implement. I, too, enjoy the flexibility of a shiftless Caps Lock and would love to see this implemented in BTT!

yep this will be added soon!


Hi Andreas, any update here? I use Setapp, but I haven't seen an update since January.

Still patiently looking forward to this feature!


Adding a modifier to caps lock, like Shift+Capslock doesn't appear to work.

Il like to remap caps lock as copy, shift+Caps as paste, ctrl=Cap as cut.