Do I lose caps lock functionality if set up as hyper key?

I'm really keen on the caps lock/hyper key functionality. But if I enable this, do I lose the normal caps lock function? Just pressing and releasing caps lock doesn't lock caps for me when it's set up as a hyper key.

by default yes, worth the latest alpha you can configure the hyper key action to trigger a named trigger if it was pressed alone, see THANK YOU for Capslock -> Hyper! A small request... - #4 by Andreas_Hegenberg

You can then assign the "Toggle Caps Lock" action to that named trigger.

Brilliant - thank you!

I just updated to 3.552 and I can't make Toggle Caps Lock work with Hyper key.

  1. I created a named trigger and assigned the "Toggle Caps Lock" action to that named trigger. I also added a HUD message to see when the named trigger gets triggered.
  2. I configured Caps Lock to Act as Hyper Key
  3. I configured the Act as Hyper Key action to trigger the "Toggle Caps Lock" named trigger.

Actual Result: I press the Caps Lock key and release it. I see the HUD message pop up from the named trigger but the Caps Lock state is not toggled.
When I press the Caps Lock key down the green light in the key blinks once, when I release it it blinks once again. It does not stay illuminated.

Expected Result: I press and release the Caps Lock key and the Caps Lock state gets toggled.

When I execute the named trigger using some other key combination then the Caps Lock state gets toggled properly. It's just the Hyper Key itself that can't toggle it.

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Same issue with me. Exact same setup along with a HUD to test!

you are right, could you try again with 3.553?

Toggle Caps Lock works as expected in 3.553 :tada: