Can BTT map “Right Option” or “Right Command” ?

I’ve just switched from Karabiner to BTT for my “Hyperkey” needs because I think Karabiner was causing issues on my M1 MacBook Air and want to get away from kernel extensions as much as possible.

The only downside is that Karabiner’s Hyperkey functionality actually did two things:

  1. Press + Hold = Command+Option+Control+Shift
  2. Press + Release = F19

I mapped “F19” to my keyboard shortcut for Alfred, so if I just tapped the Caps Lock key, I would get Alfred, but if I held down the Caps Lock key, I would get the “Hyper Key”.

I don't think that BTT can do both of those, and if not, that's OK.

However, it did lead me to wonder if I could remap the right Option key or the right Command key to F19 using BTT.

The hyper key functionality you want is possible with the latest alpha, see THANK YOU for Capslock -> Hyper! A small request... - #4 by Andreas_Hegenberg

You could assign actions to right modifier keys, however BTT can not block these key from going through to the system, which in your case should not be relevant. However this is only possible by defining a key sequence with the modifier:

Amazing! Thank you! It took me a bit to figure it out but I have it working now.

The other is less important now that this is working.