"Stable sort" app switcher widget for Touch Bar

The current app switcher widget has one big problem (probably inherited from Apple): the order of stuff changes around every time you change apps.

I would find it incredibly useful if there was a version of this widget where the sorting was stable unless items were manually switched by holding and dragging. That would allow using the new widget as basically a Dock replacement.

For this use case the easiest solution is to create your own button group and just assign the predefined action "Launch Application" to the buttons. See: Additional "Dock" widget

It would be nice to have the option to order the app switcher in the same order as in Dock, and ideally it would also show inactive apps. I guess what I'd like is something like Pock but combinable with all the rest of BTT touch bar features.

Aha, there's already a feature request at Dock widget request

I will add a customizable Dock widget next week :slight_smile:

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In the latest alpha version I have added a Dock widget to BTT