Show/Hide Specific Application doesn't show all windows

I'm working on my initial BTT config (using Version 3.362 (1578)), and I've almost got it doing what I want (for now; I'm sure there's a lifetime of tweaking and customizing yet to come). The one problem I'm having might be a bug, might be a feature request, might be a misunderstanding on my part. I've added a few buttons to the touchbar for my most frequently used apps, and assigned a "Launch" action and a "Show/Hide Specific Application" action to each. I've selected the "Only Show", "Only Perform If App Is Already Running", and "Send Cmd+N If No Open Windows" to the "Show/Hide" action. When I select the button for an app that has multiple windows open but hidden beneath other app windows, only the most recently activated window is shown. I would expect this action to show all windows for that app like switching via Cmd+Tab or selecting the Dock icon does. This is especially frustrating for the Terminal app, as I very seldom have only one Terminal window open and usually want to see all of them when I select that app (I'll use Exposé on the rare occasions that I have an actual reason to choose just one window and leave the rest in the background). Am I missing something?

I tried adding a "Menubar Item" action to invoke the "Window;Bring All to Front" menu item, but that didn't work either. I even added a "Delay Next Action" action between the two and that didn't help. But if I invoke the button a second time immediately that does actually bring the other windows forward (if that menubar item action is included in the button's action list).

Could be a bug, I'll look into it soon!

This seems to be working now with the latest alpha 3.508 (1646) on Big Sur. When I pick the button it now brings all windows forward for that app.

To be clear, this is working with the configuration I described originally (minus the additional "Menubar Item" action that I tried later without success).