"Show / Hide Specific Application" now behaves the same as "Launch Application"

One of the greatest features that BTT had, until recently, was that the "Show / Hide Specific Application" feature ONLY brought the most-recent window of that application to the front. That was super handy since I typically have a lot of browser windows open, and I don't want it bringing them all forward - covering my whole screen, including the app that I'm (trying to) work on while using the browser for reference.

Now the "Show / Hide Application" action brings ALL windows forward (i.e. it behaves the same as the "Launch Application" action).

From this discussion: Show/Hide Specific Application doesn't show all windows it appears that the new behavior might be intentional(?)

Given that there's already an action for bringing all windows forward, it would it be great if the "Show / Hide" action could be changed back to the old functionality (assuming the new behavior was intentional and not just a bug).

that should already be fixed with the latest versions!

Thanks for the quick reply!

I'm on 3.616, which I believe is the latest(?), but the "Show / Hide" action is still bringing all windows to the front.

I'm in the same boat. Show/hide is a major feature for me and is now not working as expected (I'm getting all windows instead of latest window brought to front). I'm on 3.616 (1765).

Ah sorry it wasn't included in 3.616, the fix (&option to show all windows if wanted) is in 3.617

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Thanks so much, Andreas! And thanks for an amazing product!

Thanks so much!

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