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I'm not sure this is a bug, but I notice that when I use my Razer Synapse Mouse, Razer Mamba, that not all the buttons are recognized. That isn't the biggest problem, and yes, I did read the issue about support. However, I would like to request if there is a button mapping capability for side-scrolling. When I push to the R-side on the scroll wheel, it is recognized as Scroll Up, and similarly for L-side scroll...But there is no similar feature on BTT. I am wondering if that can be done?

hey, i wanted to buy the new Razer Naga V2 Pro, but im afraid to have this issue, that not all the button are recognize by better touch tool

Just wanted to necromance this thread in 2023 to say that the new release of the generic device trigger functionality should make it possible to enable all of the buttons on your device.

Here's a quick hacky PoC I made this afternoon exploring what was possible with my Razer Ouroboros:

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Thanks for the necromancy! I just clicked on this by chance and it has allowed me to get the extra buttons on my Elecom trackball into operation! I didn't even know about the "generic device" feature of BTT, what a nice surprise

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It's a super new feature (only came out in the last version or couple), but so so powerful, even in it's early form! Super excited to see where it goes from here!

Fantastic feature, but unfortunately it stopped working for me soon after I got it set up. I'll wait and see if it improves when it's no longer in the "very experimental" phase.

Is it stable for you @devalias ? It recognises my device when doing the "generic device setup" and it appears in the device list once configured, but then disappears soon afterwards. Completely kills the mouse if I try to use tick the "exclusive access to device" box. Trying to work out if it's clashing with something (eg USB Overdrive).

If USB Overdrive gets exclusive access, then BTT won't work with the device anymore. In general there are very likely conflicts with USB Overdrive.

Apart from such conceptual things (which can not be fixed), the feedback so far has been pretty good - most devices that users have created scripts for seem to work stable.
There is a bug where a BTT restart is required after changing the analyzer script, that will be fixed soon.

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From testing, USB Overdrive doesn't seem to make a difference to the issue.

Is "exclusive access to device" checkbox usually important? As in, would you normally expect the feature to work without excl access checked?

When I check the box (and press 'save' button) it immediately freezes all input from the mouse (regardless of USB Overdrive being on or off).

When "excl access" is switched off I'm able to go through the generic device setup procedure (analyzer, parse input etc) as normal and all seems to function correctly with actions assigned to the newly coded buttons, but after a few minutes the newly coded buttons will cease working and the device has disappeared from the Generic Device popup menu.

(I didn't bother to post this in Bug Reports as it's clearly a feature under development, I was only mentioning it here in passing.)

Are you sure the device is still connected and working generally?
Not showing up in the list is very strange as that is refreshed continuously and should show all connected devices.

Yes it's plugged in and working perfectly as normal (have been using BTT without problems for several years).

Just so we're on the same page – it is always seen in the "See all connected HID devices" menu, but vanishes from the "Generic Device & Input Analyzer" menu (where it would show below the "BTT UI Separator" line).

When going through the parse input... procedure (as explained in the demo video) to name triggers etc the device appears in the GD&IA menu with the listed functions. It will work as intended (pressing the buttons triggers actions etc) for a short while, but then stop working.

When I look back at the configured trigger or try to set up a new trigger, the device will no longer show up in the GD&IA menu.

That's even weirder. In that case it seems like BTT fails to save to its database.
Are other triggers (like gestures or keyboard shortcuts) still persisted if you add them?

Yes everything else about BTT is normal, can create/edit triggers, change prefs etc. all as normal.

To make it even weirder: once it's vanished from the menu, I can then try selecting "Generic Device..." from the same menu, and upon clicking on that, it's like it resets it in some sense. The assigned function for that trigger will suddenly be activated (when clicking the "Generic Device..." menu item, NOT when pressing the mouse button), and the device now appears in the GD&IA menu as before, but it doesn't function when pressing the mouse button, and will soon disappear again. :man_shrugging:


I'd like to be able to have the keys on my razer naga pro recognised by BTT

How do I use the solution/code from BetterTouchTool Generic Device Trigger PoC for Razer Ouroboros gaming mouse · GitHub please?

Thanks :slight_smile:

@manateeman90 It's making use of a fairly new/still quite beta feature, with limited docs, but the docs page for it is here:

I'll also note that the code on my gist is pretty alpha/Proof of Concept level code, and not necessarily feature complete/robust.

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