Programming a Razer Tartarus/CAPS LOCK and SHIFT

So, I'm trying to use BTT to program my Razer Tartarus as a replacement to their Synapse program which won't run on M1 Macs or Monterrey.

As near as I can tell, the keys default to the left keys of a keyboard? So "TAB-Q-W-E-R" and then "Caps Lock-A-S-D-F" and "SHIFT-Z-X-C-V". So, is it possible to assign actions to a Caps Lock or a Shift key? When I try to capture them in BTT, I don't see anything in the app.

Do I understand correctly, you want a shortcut eg. Caps Lock + a? If so use Hyper key.

Or (what is much easier) remap in Macos --> prefs --> Keyboard "Caps Lock" to "right control". BTT allows you to distinguish between left and right modifiers. Your normal control key remains left control and Caps Lock is then right control. Does that help?

Not quite. On my Razer keypad, when hooked up to my Mac, the "08" key appears to be read by the Mac as CAPS LOCK. I want the "08" key to be "B". So I'm trying to record the trigger so when I hit that key, it behaves like a B. Likewise the "11" key reads as SHIFT, and I'd like to make that a COMMAND-Z.

BUT, if there's a way to make the "02" key (which reads as "Q") have the SHIFTkey functionality, I'd love to hear it, too.

Mhh, not sure. Have you tried Key Sequences? That allows some kind of remaping with external keyboards. A specific key behaves like another.

Yeah, I don't think that will work, but thank you!

And, even if I lose just three of the keys on the Razer and keep the rest, this is still going to be worth it.