Modifiers Trigger AQT to Briefly Open

Can I disable panel changes when I click "CapsLock Shift, FN, control, parameter, command"?

I am constantly only in the panel where I see " time, date, weather, reminders. And when I work in some application and I need to click on one of the listed keys, the panel is reset to minimized mode.

Can I disable these keys? Or can I make a permanently enabled panel with the time and date?

I write through a translator, I hope you will understand.

That shouldn't be happening, which app are you using?

Photoshop, Telegram

what shows up when you press shift and others?
(⌘⇧6 to screenshot the touchbar)

Same for me, pressing and holding any modifier key (shift, fn, ctrl, opt, cmd) when the stock Touch Bar is open brings up the AQT Touch Bar. When you let go of the modifier key, the Touch Bar reverts to normal. The Touch Bar reverts to stock after pressing fn for me because I disabled the key sequence that toggles the AQT Touch Bar. All other modifiers act the same way in stock AQT.

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