Integrate media scrub bar from control strip

When a song is playing in Music, I'd love to be able to control the scrubbing location (like the original mac control strip allows when you open the Music app). This wasn't available anywhere in BTT / GoldenChaos but feel like if you're able to take the original code they used and just allow us to place that widget anywhere we want, it would be a huge help. Any plans to implement this?

Hey, just saw your post by chance. I did a preset some time ago, I think it includes what you are looking for: Player Controls for iTunes & Youtube (including slider widget for scrolling through track)

You'll have to replace "iTunes" with "Music" everywhere in the AppleScript and then it should probably work.

You're my hero :slight_smile:
I tried changing all of the Safari's to Google Chrome but it didn't work :frowning: any plans to add chrome support?

Also, how can I donate to you for building this ?

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I don't use Chrome so I never looked into that and I don't think I'll work on that unfortunately.

But @yuuiko included my preset into his AquaTouch preset back then, which also includes a lot of options for Chrome. Maybe he can give you a quick info if he ever did a Chrome version of the Youtube slider?

It's also possible that It's not working because Youtube changed some code in the meantime. I haven't been using the youtube widgets for a long time, since I only use Firefox now which unfortunately is not scriptable at all :frowning:

Donations: That's very kind but you don't have to. :slight_smile:

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